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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Think Big II: Nat's infrastructure escalation

Paid for with magic beans perhaps? It certainly isn't going to be through higher taxes. Borrowing and raiding the NZ Super Fund it is. Are the new privately operated prisons in this figure?


At 28/10/08 1:49 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is called Bushonomics. Cut taxes, and allow government spending to go through the roof on a corporate welfare rampage as every big business lobbyist gets to suck their fill at the government teat.

Then blame the crash on gay rights & the repeal of Section 59.

At 28/10/08 3:44 pm, Blogger peterquixote said...

No anonymous thats nonsense. Infrastructure does not have to be equated with Corporate welfare.
Would you rather Government risk your money overseas or spend it here at home on fundamentals which you can oversee.

At 28/10/08 3:50 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are a traitor to NZ for considering that this is a bad move. It is far more preferably for NZers to own and control our own infrastructure through the superannuation fund rather than have oversea investors do it.

Maybe you would like some communist controlled hong kong billionaire to own wellington's power lines but the vast majority of kiwis would not.

At 28/10/08 4:53 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

@3:50 What was that about kiwibank Bill English? What was that about accident compensation John Key? That's right give it to the Australians.

At 28/10/08 6:01 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When were they suppose to sell it, oh that's right in their second term after they had received a democratic mandate to do so.

Do you have a problem with democratic mandates 4:53?

At 29/10/08 9:46 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Doesn't China already own Wellington's power lines?



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