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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

National Party Spin Machine

Just on the whole spin attempt to create 'Moral Authority' for the party with the largest vote to form the government, Brian Rudman makes some devastating points, how come last time it wasn't 'moral authority' that National were arguing at all!
Brian Rudman: When silver and bronze beat gold

The irony is that three years ago, Mr Key's predecessor Dr Brash was trying to stitch up a coalition of the disparate, every bit as scary as his "five-headed monster." And Dr Brash was doing it from the "illegitimate" position of being leader of the "losing" big party. In September 2005, Labour won 45,506 more votes than National, ending up with 41. 10 per cent of votes to National's 39.10 per cent. Did Dr Brash stand back like some quaint gentleman cricketer and say, "jolly bad luck chaps, Helen is the rightful ruler"? Of course he didn't. He did what John Key will do and tried to sweet-talk the small parties into his bed. After three weeks of intense lobbying, Dr Brash wrote to New Zealand First leader Winston Peters claiming he had lured the Maori Party, United First and Act New Zealand into his camp and was "willing and able to enter into discussions with New Zealand First to form a National-led government.

Right so this Crosby & Texter ‘moral authority’ attack lines are as pointless as the ‘5 Headed Monster’ attack lines, especially because a) National tried to form an MMP Government last time without this ‘moral authority’ nonsense and b) because this time around National will need a 4 headed monster to govern.


At 29/10/08 2:09 pm, Blogger Truth Seeker said...

Once again, National is caught out trying to be clever-clever instead of straight up.

At 29/10/08 3:20 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes but the difference in votes in 05 was less than 2% which is different than this election when it could be 10%. In 05 you can't argue Labour received a clear mandate from the voters as the election was too close to call. I think Labour are totally within their rights to seek to form a government even if they lose the election because basically thats how MMP work BUT I think this is one of the problems with MMP where the tail wags the dog!!

At 29/10/08 6:06 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will vote for whichever Party promises zero tolerance for Maori.


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