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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Key says one thing in private and another thing in public

Sharples to expose Key on TV tonight
Maori Party co-leader Pita Sharples maintains John Key told him Maori seats would not be abolished if National went into government with the Maori Party, despite Key's denials on a TVNZ leaders debate last night.

Mr Key was asked yesterday whether he had told Mr Sharples privately he would drop National's policy of abolishing the seats sometime after 2014 as the price of Maori party support, and said Mr Sharples was "wrong."

However Mr Sharples will claim tonight on an Alt TV minor parties debate: "I was not wrong."

Mr Sharples said he had explained his bottom lines to Mr Key, who had agreed with them.

The debate will screen at 8.30 pm tonight on Alt TV.

Alt TV said it was hosting the debate – featuring Mr Sharples, Greens co-leader Russel Norman, Act leader Rodney Hide and Progressives deputy Matt Robson – as a "right of reply" to yesterday's TVNZ leader's debate between Mr Key and Helen Clark


At 16/10/08 9:44 am, Blogger Monkey Boy said...

Did he tape it? That appears to be the new benchmark for any disputed version of what Key or National says.
We have to either accept that Key lies to everyone he encounters save hs VRWC cabal, (as the 'left' appears to believe)or, sometimes gets it wrong, or sometimes gets it right. Didn't Sharples recently claim he was 'threatened' by Horomia? Perhaps it is (and just bear with me on this) that in any given situation, it is (outlandish to claim in the present climate, I know) that someone other than Key might have 'got it wrong'? I guess only time will tell.
Let's use some 'due process' Like Helen recommends.

At 16/10/08 2:34 pm, Anonymous Aj said...

Due process in this case is simple. People decide in their own minds who is lying and who isn't.
To help we, can compare their records with the truth. Key, umm, tour, Ashcroft, shareholdings.

At 16/10/08 4:30 pm, Anonymous Lee C said...

What an interesting insight into the rather virulent 'he can't be trusted meme'. I mean it is soo credible that anyone would enter nto a post-election deal not knowing whether they had won yet, and as the same time, completely surrender any possible bargaining postion they might have by locking themselves into a postion from which they can't retreat, or expand upon. Frankly I think you can put Sharple's postion up there with Turia's about Gangs - a message to his own electorate that he is fighting their cause, pre election, just as Key is. It is so much less of an intellectual stretch though isn't, to basically parrot whatever paranoid BS the left-wing minions peddle to you. Because Key 'can't be trusted' Isn;t that the same line they are spinning about Obama? Go figure...... It's a yawn.


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