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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dr. Dunne and the Blood Pressure Worm

Dunne shows grace under pressure

United Future leader Peter Dunne had his blood pressure taken yesterday but says he could not be more relaxed about his decision to rule out working with Labour after the election.

United Future president and local candidate Denise Krum set up a table outside Onehunga Mall in Auckland offering free blood pressure tests under a chart showing Labour's pressure was too low, National's was too high, but her party was comfortably in the centre.

"The point it's trying to make is if you look at political pressure then clearly the purple bit in the middle, the United Future bit, is the most stable, reliable and good for us all," Mr Dunne said.

"It's slightly higher than normal, but I think that's the pressures of the campaign."

Halt the Tardis! Dr. Peter "Middle of the Political Road" Dunne is back with another bizarre analogy for the election - blood pressure as "political pressure". Labour's is too low, apparently, although it is hard to tell whether this is a reference to a lack of policies Dunne favours or the slow-breathing of Clark's well-practiced approach to politics. National's is too high - perhaps the pressure of attempting to adopt an Obama-styled "Change" message for new right politics.

Does Dunne think the people of Onehunga are stupid?


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