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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tattoos will get you arrested?

Plan to prohibit gang insignia now covers 'intimidating' tattoos
The proposed ban on gang patches in Wanganui is a step closer. The ban will also cover gang-related tattoos. Markings such as moko will still be allowed in the city's public places. Parliament's law and order select committee has reported the Wanganui District Council (Prohibition of Gang Insignia) Bill back to the House with the recommendation that it be passed.
The legislation will allow police to arrest any person wearing gang insignia, seize the offending items and impose a $2000 fine. The bill was supported by the Labour, National and NZ First MPs on the committee. The decision to include gang-style tattoos in the ban was made by Labour and NZ First, who were concerned that leaving tattoos out might lead to an increase in their use by gang members. NZ First MP and committee chairman Ron Mark said tattoos would not be seized as would patches, but wearers would still be arrested and fined. "If someone with a Mongrel Mob tattoo on their cheek walks into a dairy to buy a pint of milk, and they are using that tattoo to intimidate, then they will be arrested."

This is a fucking farce and every single person knows it, how the hell have we gotten to banning tattoos? And let’s not forget it’s the cops who decide who a gang is, so we’ve banned gang insignia and ‘tattoos’ so cops can arrest someone with a ‘gang patch’ – as defined by the Police Officer, and can arrest someone who has ‘intimidating’ tattoos – and how the hell will any of that ‘ban’ gangs – it won’t it doesn’t this is bullshit kneejerk crap that gives cops unprecedented harassment powers to anyone with tattoos, how did tattoos equate to being a gang member? They are defined as ‘gang-style’ well seeing as it’s the cops who get to define if you are a gangsta or not the ‘safeguards’ of that definition mean nothing!


At 30/9/08 8:44 am, Anonymous Mark said...

The Bill should have had a Schedule with a list of the banned tatoos (i.e. with pictures) so that Police have no discretion in deciding what is and is not gang related.

At 30/9/08 8:45 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The ban will also cover gang-related tattoos.

I would have thought it was pretty obvious. Having "Mongrel Mob Forever" Tattooed on your cheek, complete with bulldog motif, or "Killer Beez" done in tag writing on your arm, or "Black Power" on your knuckles, or "Hells Angels" around your neck - those are pretty bloody obviously gang tattoos.

Furthermore, gang tattoos are already banned by most pubs and bars so a president has already been set there and I don't see you or anyone else complaining about that.

If you aren't in those gangs then you sure as hell don't go getting that shit tattooed on you. Not only would you look like a fucking idiot and risk getting stomped by a rival gang, but the gangs themselves don't like it. Case in point: William Bell, the RSA murderer, had a Black Power tattoo on his arm because he wanted to join the gang. The local Black Power saw it, found out that Bell's father was affiliated with the Mongrel Mob and told Bell either the tattoo came of or his arm did.

The tattoo is no different to the patch in terms of its power to intimidate, in fact it is probably worse - you can take patched jacket off any time you want to try and look respectable, not so with a tat.

At 30/9/08 8:52 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is one of those issues where if you vote against it your the devil and evil, kinda like white people who cry how much they hate racism when they dont really but being on the other side is so bad for them

At 30/9/08 9:05 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

They are defined as ‘gang-style’ well seeing as it’s the cops who get to define if you are a gangsta or not the ‘safeguards’ of that definition mean nothing!

how many greenpeace supporters have the word greenpeace tattooed on their faces/arms/backs?


Well then, i don't think the police will be banging up greenpeace, or rotary, or lions...etc.

But you knew that, didn't you bomber.

At 30/9/08 9:51 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

again you are susch a sensationalist dreamer! "gang tatoos or gang pisture tatoos"...have you ever seen a gang tatoo!!??? "Mighty mongrel mob"..:sieg fuckin heil"..."black power for life"...pictures of bull dogs or clenched fists. they are recognisable, and anything to lock those criminal drug pushing low lifes up is a good thing. if you had your way you would let gangs do whatever the fuck they like and then YOU would complain the police and politicians weren't doing anything. whiner.

At 30/9/08 10:33 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The gangs are flush with drug money and their lawyers are waiting to defend their freedom of expression hahahahaha!!

At 30/9/08 2:59 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gangs are bad, but this is just a stupid idea. It won't work. If the reason behind this is that gangs are criminals, then the cops should get their shit together and bust them for actual criminal behaviour!?! I would have thought this would make policing the gangs more difficult, when its not so easy to identify them (assuming the gangs even give a toss).

At 30/9/08 3:26 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Strikes just a little too close to home eh bomber?

At 30/9/08 4:54 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

C'mon anon 3.26pm, how do Bombers weird arm stripes equate to gang related tattoos?

At 30/9/08 9:19 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it goes to bomber's claim that the cops decide if the tats are gang related.

Let's home they recognise him one day and decide to act accordingly.

At least he'll find out which is crueler: the baton, tasar or pepperspray.

At 30/9/08 9:21 pm, Anonymous The Hag said...

Better not cover my neck brace with leather & studs.
No swords on the wheel chair wheels either ----old age is gonna be a bummer.

At 1/10/08 8:12 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Better not cover my neck brace with leather & studs.
No swords on the wheel chair wheels either ----old age is gonna be a bummer.

Sorry oldtimer, you appear to be in the wrong thread.

At 1/10/08 7:12 pm, Anonymous deano said...

They are not talking about your trendy celtic runes or a Polynesian armband or some Henry Rollins fan with with a sunburst here Bomber. They are talking about fuckwits with swastikas on their hands, or "Black Power" on their foreheads, or other retarded shit, which is clearly a gang tattoo meant to intimidate.


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