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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Off-Key leader admits his mistake

Off-Key leader admits his mistake
An uncomfortable John Key has confessed he should have told the public earlier about the full extent of his shareholding in rail company Tranz Rail and should never have held the stock for as long as he did after he entered Parliament. The National leader made the admissions yesterday as he came under heavy fire from Labour at a time when he should have been launching attacks on his rival over the Winston Peters donation scandal. With the election just over six weeks away, Mr Key is now the centre of a story which raises questions about how open he has been - just what Labour plans to push in the campaign.

Dumb, dumb, dumb – the real damage here is John Key has been caught out twice on camera and that those images will stick in peoples minds (this issue and the Lord Ashcroft issue). Key gets asked something and trys to side-step the question, only to be caught out by the interviewer which he then accepts and apologizes for not being honest and mistaken, the reality is that Key is going to do this a hell of a lot more, look we forget the guy has only been in Parliament for 6 years, he is still a newbie and if he wins he will be the youngest leader in 100 years of NZ Political history. The issue is this, will the electorate forgive Key’s cock-ups because they hate Helen more, because the level of animosity this Government has been tarred with from pro-smackers, hang em high clubs and Anti-PC puritans is fairly high. The NZers in the middle of this shit storm will need to decide if the devil you know is better than the nice smiling devil you don’t.


At 24/9/08 7:36 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey NZ is the least corrupt nation in the world didn't you know?


At 24/9/08 12:01 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One would have thought that Key is Human after all. When you think about he made a mistake, but at least he admitted it and it was for his family trust, not just him.
Give me a brreak, this IS the right man to lead a new GVT imagine if those lying turd burglars the Greens got in or worse than that, Labour again with the woman who cannt even own up to haveing her face rearranged on her bill boards.
Winny the Poo in tow still? of course he is coz she aint got the guts to sack the lying mongrel.
She needs him real bad .
So go Mr Key Go you good thing Go.

At 24/9/08 4:55 pm, Anonymous Grant said...

You should print that - hang it on your wall and look at every day over the next three years or so as the National govt privatises everything thats not nailed down in this country. John Key as PM means people like you will pay more - for less, forever.

And he didn't make a 'mistake' , he was caught out in a lie, again.


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