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Friday, August 29, 2008

Winston has gone.....


Come on, what other explanation can there be for this extraordinary outburst from Winston this morning...

D-day as Peters refuses to stand down
In an unplanned call to Radio New Zealand's Morning Report today Winston Peters said he had evidence to show allegations against him were a lie. "I will talk to the Prime Minister about this matter later today with the concrete evidence that she will know that these allegations are vile, malevolent, malicious and wrong," Peters told Radio NZ. He said unnamed groups were organising a plot against him and that the SFO was part of it. He said if the SFO had talked to him he would have convinced them in five minutes that he was not breaking the law. Challenged on his claims that the SFO was plotting against him, Peters shot back saying what other explanation could there be. "Why would they never ever come and talk to me if they had an intention of coming to talk to me?" He said The Dominion Post was part of the "malevolent planning strategy" and he would not stand down in the face of a "kangaroo court of public opinion, organised by the media in this country and others."
"The public has been most vilely misinformed," he said. Mr Peters said a person both he and Sir Robert Jones respected had looked at where a $25,000 cheque from Sir Robert had gone and advised him he had nothing to worry about. The cheque, intended for NZ First and paid to the mysterious Spencer Trust, has never been declared and is one of the issues the SFO will look into. But Sir Robert today said Mr Peters and NZ First had failed to clear the matter up with him and he still did not know what had happened to his money. A claim by Mr Peters in Parliament that the matter had been cleared up with him was false, he told Radio New Zealand.

This is crazy talk, Winston has proof? Really? The why is Bob Jones saying that the matters are not cleared up?


At 29/8/08 3:48 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Because Bob Jones is a rightwing stirrer, neo-liberal financier whose interests line up exactly with Key and against Peters.
Do you really think that Jones is the slightest bit concerned about where his petty cash for a 'mate' ends up?
Who knows if Peters has taken a few short cuts with his finances, but really,we are talking a populist crusader living off a few mates loyalty and his own income, up against a whole class of big time privateers, bankers, rorters and property speculators.
And yes, there is a war in Iraq going on, 2 million lives, and yes climate change will cost the rich some serious millions, and Peters is voting for the ETS and is the personification of MMP and the knee capping of the new right agenda in NZ.

So there's plenty of reasons for the Keyites to take out Peters and line up the MSM and the slack so- called independent blogos like yourself for the cause.

You guys are part of the mainstream otherwise you would say, freedom!!! and wait for the Privileges committee and SFO to do their business.

Shame on you wankers!

At 29/8/08 5:06 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

....2 million lives....

Indicative of how full of shit you are.

Jesus, you Labour supporters are SOOOOOOOO desperate, you start making up shit about iraq, just to take the spotlight off your beloved Helen.

Yet when Maurice Williams shoots his gob off its "HOLY FUCK! STOP THE PRESS!!!"

At 29/8/08 5:57 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You cretin!
You expect us to take you seriously when you can't even get Jones' occupation correct which is property investor not financier. And it's Sir Robert you fucking moron.

At 29/8/08 9:33 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

2 million lives. I started counting in 1990.

At 29/8/08 9:34 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And property investor is not an occupation its a rort.

At 30/8/08 10:21 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"And property investor is not an occupation its a rort."

Really, want to explain that to us or this this going to be another lie masquarading as assertion?


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