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Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Sunday News Roast

On the Sunday News Roast tonight at 7pm, Sky Digital 65, Alt Tvs News and weekend newspaper critique show that is Unfair & Unbalanced, THE SPIN STARTS HERE with the best political news team on television with your host, Bomber - head of Current Affairs at Alt Tv, Blogger Tim Selwyn - the last man to be convicted of sedition in NZ and Ben Thomas the Political Editor of the NBR.

Tim – The virtual cut off on Waitangi Treaty settlements by Labour – claim to have ‘dealt’ with it in time for the election? Judge Harvey attempting to gag the internet community from revealing the two names in a murder case but not TV, Print or Radio.

Ben Thomas – What a week in NZ politics?

News that caught the eye this week
News Junkie heaven this week…
1: The person happiest by this news junkie week is Maurice Williamson who accidentally informed the country of his intent to toll NZ roads which led to some serious questions of the Nats plans with ppps with critics pointing out that Government could build these things cheaper than going with private business. In 2006, Treasury concluded that funding roads by tolls was less efficient than simply building them from taxes and Clive Matthew-Wilson points out that one of National’s advisors is former party leader Jim McLay, who is executive chairman of Macquarie New Zealand, a branch of a major Australian builder of toll roads. Any moral high ground Labour may have had on Williamson’s blunder was evaporated by revelations that Labour will probably end up with $2 Tolls. The question is how could Maurice Williamson not have known his own policy?

2: Winstongate: The 5 part trilogy.
So many angles barely an hour to cover them all.
First the knee capping of Winston, someone is feeding the Dom Post paper work that has been held onto for years to incriminate Winston while the issue of secret money and anonymous donors is one which Winston’s accusers, ACT and National are much more guilty in the millions of dollars. That is no defense for the righteous indignation many NZers feel towards Winston who has railed against corporate influence in politics and his Chinese wall world hardly looks as neatly pressed as his suits, but the irony of ACT and National complaining about anonymous donations is a bit too rich to ignore.

In another stunning announcement Helen admits just before National release it that Glenn told her he had given Winston money in February before Winston admits he was told by his lawyer in July. Helen’s defense was that she had to be fair and took Winston at his word. Key jumped upon this in a move that might have won him the election this week by arguing why would Helen not take Owen Glenn at his word over Winston’s? This was the strongest line John Key had against her this week until Deborah Coddington of all people in todays Herald on Sunday put together a very compelling defence of Winston and argues that Owen Glenn hadn’t done much to make Helen think she should believe him, he gave a million dollars to Labour saying it was to even the score of the Exclusive Brethren even though he made the donation well before the 2005 election, he claimed Clark offered him a Cabinet post, then he told Radio NZ that he was in the line to be the consul general of Monaco, and then he offered Howard Morrison $1million to stand for Parliament. This blunts the blame game at Helen and gives Labour supporters a thread of reason to counter Keys argument.

The SFO, about to be written out of existence in an exercise to give Police more powers by using da gangs as a smokescreen suddenly get a chance to attack Peters one last time and perhaps postpone the legislative calendor long enough to keep them alive. Questions Chris Trotter puts up in the Sunday Star Times, why didn’t the SFO dispatch its investigators to examine the books of the Spencer Trust? Or interview Peters? Or even let Winston know that it was launching an inquiry? And questions raised by Peter Williams QC are if the paper work is really there that shows the donated money ended up where it needed to go and that it will take the SFO 5 minutes to clear up, why hasn’t it been brought forward sooner?

John Key:
Looked decisive by ruling Winston out from an election – has he left enough ‘wriggle room’.

That Ron Mark will run in Rimutaka, get enough votes for NZ First to come back, the SFO won’t have enough to go on with an investigation and the Privileges will end with a majority and minority ruling, the Majority saying Winston should have known better, the minority claiming corruption. In the mean time expect a nuclear launch of dirt against ACT and National now that the gloves are off and Winston wants revenge, expect a shit fight the likes of which we’ve never seen. The Election is still November 8th

3: Tasers, cops want ‘em. This process has been a farce, it was not as Amnesty International points out, a rigorous, independent or impartial inquiry into tasers and it didn’t take into account the 300 deaths following Taser use in North America since their 2001 introduction and Annette King claims Tasers will be used to "subdue a person under the influence of drugs, mentally disordered or in a frenzied psychological state", which are the exact conditions most consistently seen in deaths following Taser use. King says that only trained front line staff will use the Taser, but again as is pointed out in the Police Association’s June 2008 report there is a “disturbing trend” for more sworn officers to be exempt from mandatory training and it highlights “a lack of agreement as to what constitutes frontline” So a murky world already exists as to who will be trained and what constitutes frontline Police, so King’s assurances mean jack shit. These weapons will be very open to misuse, a Police report found that the majority of the Public see the misuse of tasers by police and the potential for harm as the major problems with Tasers where as an amazing 39% of Police (the ones who will be tasering you) could see no risks or disadvantages to using Tasers.

4: The Obama Democratic nomination for the Presdient of the United States of America, didn’t Billary do their jobs well? .

In the Weekend Newspapers
STORY 1 – Harawira: Labour's finished - sst
FRESH SIGNS have emerged that Labour's prospects of forming a new government after the coming election are narrowing, with a blunt attack from a crucial coalition player. Maori Party MP Hone Harawira told the Star-Times that the Labour-led government was "stale" and arrogant and it was time for a change of government. "They're suffering from the arrogance of being in power too long. At the moment they're a coalition corpse. They're gone, and anybody who is associated too closely with them is likely to be gone as well."
Will the Maori Party go with National?

STORY 2 – Palin a risky pick for McCain
In just two short years, Sarah Palin moved from small-town mayor to vice-presidential contender. The 44-year-old Republican, Alaska's first female Governor, arrived at the Capitol in 2006 on an ethics reform platform after defeating two former Governors in the primary and general elections.
She’s anti-abortion, pro-death penalty and a gun-lover, her story is so compelling and is as much of the myth making American’s create for themselves that anyone can grow up to be President, does the anti-intellectual streak run deep enough to allow someone with zero experience handle the nuclear button?

STORY 3 – Schools demand contract for gay students - HOS
Gay students at four schools in Auckland have been stopped from taking same-sex partners to school balls until they sign contracts declaring that they are homosexual.
How petty can School get?

Story 4 - Man drought is fact of dating life - HOS
Young, gorgeous, successful - and single. For Christine Kitching, 24, Auckland's "man drought," is not a vague concept, but a reality. The high-flying Air New Zealand Fashion Week administrator told the Herald on Sunday single men were hard to find in the City of Sails - "they're either gay or married." Unfortunately, the remaining bachelor pool presented what Kitching denounced as a "very limited selection". Successful and ambitious Kiwi women looking for a love match were hard-pressed to find "manly men" said Kitching. "It's a running joke among my single friends, the man-drought." One of the main problems with available men she'd met was that they were easily "intimidated" by strong, career-driven women. "I don't put up with crap," she said. "But the men in Auckland are too soft. They are all so 'emo'.
Men are all so emo, I can’t imagine she is having a problem finding a date, she sounds like a treat. She ends the story saying she may have to marry a Farmer. I say we get more of these girls out of the city to marry Farmers.

FINAL WORD – We have coming up a Let’s be Frank special with Journalist Robert Fisk.

Season two of Let’s be Frank is up an running, 8.30pm tonight, Oliver on solo mothers and why stereotypes don’t help write policy and on Tuesday he talks to Dr Russell Norman, co-leader of the greens,

Coming up next the Madman Film Festival this week the third film of a 7 part movie series by Martin Scorcese on the blues .

Stay classy Alt-eroa


At 31/8/08 1:58 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im pleased you have come around from the early election viewpoint you seemed to hold earlier in the week. I won't take any credit :)

At 31/8/08 2:47 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That Ron Mark will run in Rimutaka, get enough votes for NZ First to come back

Care to put a bottle of good whiskey on it Bo ber?

At 31/8/08 3:27 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

Im pleased you have come around from the early election viewpoint you seemed to hold earlier in the week. I won't take any credit :)
My response to that would be to point out to you that I corrected your mistaken impression that I was calling for an early election when you made it

At 31/8/08 4:16 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was joking. I normally disagree with 95% you write, but this week we have agreed on most things.

At 31/8/08 4:28 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good on you for bring Hone's remarks to our attention. Although I intensely dislike his politics I give him full props for telling it like it is.

This outburst has been absent from The Standard which is rather curious since the authors claim to be of a independent left wing persuasion.

I guess ther are more pressing issues to bring to the audience's attention such as saterical youtube videos and graphs of socio-economic data

At 31/8/08 6:14 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Gay students at four schools in Auckland have been stopped from taking same-sex partners to school balls until they sign contracts declaring that they are homosexual."

I have never heard such bullshit in all my born days!
Is someone's sexuality STILL such an issue? God almighty! So we have kids that are gay. We also have kids who are Maori. Some are Chinese, American and yes, some are even disabled.
But the biggest point here is this:
Everyone has the right to be treated fairly, with respect and be free from discrimination and harassment - especially in schools.
No wonder the kids come out fucked in the head!

If I was gay and still at school and had this happen to me - by hell, there would be fireworks!


At 31/8/08 6:38 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No lies about climate tonight bomber?

At 31/8/08 8:24 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your Sunday News Roast programme was very good.
Keep up the good work.
It is appreciated.

At 31/8/08 8:56 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anybody fuck that utter shit. The fuck is about FUCKS, it is about screwing hard fucking nzers so tim can fuck off the state's fuck. Why should he fuck? he is guilty of fucking identities so he can fuck of the taxfucker. He is scumfuck.

Bomber - who earned 100K a fuck from channel Z - can't fuck the fuck that he is no longer fucked (what, 15 people fuck Sunday Newspaper Fuck) is a imbilicle. Fuck around, nobody fucks him seriously. He wouldn't fuck political fuck if it was fucked to him in his superfucked burger fuck.

Best Political Fuck on Television - fuck!. I'd prefer to fuck Lindsat Lohen and Paris Hilton talk politics. Bomber knows FUCK ALL about fuckitics. Fuck him and fuck his fuck.

At 1/9/08 7:47 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 8:56pm

Yawn! Change the record Mr Fuck. You bore me intensely with your pointless sentences.



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