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Friday, August 29, 2008

Odds yet to move

The political situation has become quite fluid in the last few days. The overlapping blankets of gentlemen's agreements that have obscured the true nature of Winston's slush funds are being peeled back. His obstinate behaviour, inability to humble himself and his accusations that his donors are liars have incured the natural reaction of disaffected confidantes. The latest defecting confidant is none other than the Prime Minister herself - Winston's boss. It's all unravelling. Winston will be voting to abolish the Serious Fraud Office soon - the organisation that has announced he's under investigation. It's all getting very third world at this point. Winston's ministerial warrants and the Labour government he props up are becoming publicly unpalatable and politically untenable.

As at midnight Centrebet still has the date of the election at 8 November and their other dates unchanged:

This could jump later today after Peters meets with the PM to get their stories straight. I would tighten up the odds on an earlier date now. $5 for 18 October isn't looking too bad, considering.

As for the PM stakes, they have remained static for some time now with Key miles ahead:


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