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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mr Farmer man wins again

Labour wins crucial vote on emissions trading plan
Labour is still waiting for New Zealand First to confirm its support for its flagship emissions trading scheme, but yesterday it won the crucial votes of the Greens. Winston Peters' party is expected to follow suit shortly. The Greens agonised over whether to back the major climate change policy at yesterday's caucus meeting and after a frank exchange of views the party's six MPs agreed to say "yes" to Labour. The outcome was expected, although the Greens feel it is unfair that the agriculture sector isn't going to be included in the scheme for several years.

And its does piss many Green supporters off that the Agricultural sector has once again managed to get away with polluting NZ for free, but the Farmers have such a strangle hold on the Labour Party’s balls it was a dead rat the vegetarian Greens were forced to swallow, however once Helen gets NZ Firsts vote she may well decide to cut him lose but that would make the election look rushed unless she makes it look like a massive decision of ‘conscience’, that would mean back stabbing Winston, but Labour have shown they are very good at back stabbing anyone and everyone, Winston can’t just be worried by his enemies, he should be very wary of his friends as well.


At 27/8/08 8:38 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In these times of financial constraints, the only sector making any money is the agricultural sector.

The agricultural sector is once again bailing out the NZ economy.

The Labour Government is being pragmatic, as is the Greens.

At 29/8/08 12:26 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ anon - bollocks! Flipside is - the agrobusiness sector is raking in the dosh, so is in their best ever position to pay for their pollution. What ever happened to right-wing user-pays philosophy?

Pity the Greens wasted so much time spanking parents over S59 and so little time on their core eco issues. That's a cue for Sue Bradford to enter stage-left and tell us how anti-violence is a 'core' Green position, which is why their called the Anti-Violence Party...oops, strike that...

Not that anyone is advocating violence - just that it would have been nice if Sue B and the Green caucus had stopped cops getting tasers, or beefed up the ETS, etc. Just saying.


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