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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dawn raids on hold

Islanders 'drain on economy' report out-of-date - de Bres
An academic report describing Pacific Islanders as a drain on the economy relied on out-of-date data and was misleading, according to a review by Race Relations Commissioner Joris de Bres. The report, Growing Pains: Evaluations and the Cost of Human Capital , was headed by economist Greg Clydesdale, of Massey University's management and international business department, and was released in May. The report said Pacific Island immigrants were less productive and less likely to contribute to economic growth. They had the highest unemployment in every age group, were less likely to start businesses, had lower rates of self-employment and were over-represented in crime statistics. In his review Mr de Bres said Dr Clydesdale's report contained "only a few paragraphs about Pacific peoples and relied on out-of-date data that gave a misleading impression of the situation". Peer reviews were critical of the report's academic standard and The Dominion Post, which originally carried the story, accepted a complaint about the accuracy of its headline and subsequently published a thorough feature on the issue, Mr de Bres said. "No evidence was provided to support the statement that they (Pacific people) were an underclass or a drain on the economy. They suffered disproportionately from the economic and social policies of the 80s and 90s. "Although they do continue to experience social and economic disadvantage their situation is generally improving and their economic, social and cultural contribution is significant," Mr de Bres said.

This research comes out from Massey University’s cash cow Northern branch, the large Columbian Drug Lord cocaine mansion look alike built in the very beige North Shore where the campus mascot is a large burning cross, so Massey proper were more bemused by the report than concerned when it first came out, but now that it is challenging their academic rigor the fun and games and well gelled Aryan haircut of the very crisp Dr Clydesdale are no longer a laughing matter. Garden variety bigotry is fine, but Massey needs to grow their overseas student numbers and these types of things never look good on the prospectus, I imagine Dr Clydesdale and his whining that he is the victim of Political Correctness will get shriller and shriller as he finds Massey slowly moves him further and further away. Perhaps a new campus on Stewart Island?


At 27/8/08 8:23 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately academic freedom cuts both ways.

I'd rather see a factual refutation of Greg Clydesdales work rather than another piece of rhetoric filled with reference to burning crosses etc.

But the Massey North Shore campus is a very creepy place.

At 27/8/08 10:15 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree Anon.

Anyway, I thought there was a general consensus that we accepted lower economic performance from Islanders in return for their incredible athletic ability.

Where would NZ rugby be without Islanders? Fourth, I imagine. Unacceptable.

At 27/8/08 10:52 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Massey needs to get more rich overseas asian students not poor PI ones who haven't got a pot to piss in.

Once again your opinion rests upon fallacy Bomber.

At 27/8/08 3:17 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 10.15am, first, NZ had next to no PIs in the All Blacks for most of the 20th Century (until the 70s really) but were consistently the best team in the world. Second, the NZ Warriors have a team crammed with a majority of PIs yet do shit in the Australian League against predominantly white players. What's that all about then?

At 27/8/08 5:20 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bomber calling someone else a bigot?

What a total hypocrite


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