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Friday, July 25, 2008

You forget what a pack of racist pricks National can be

Went and saw the Hollow Men doco last night at the Film Festival, (I also interviewed Nicky Hagar and Alister Barry for Green Core next Wednesday 8pm on Alt), and you forget what a pack of racist pricks National can be. The behind the scenes re-telling of our last election and being able to read what the men running Don Brashs campaign were really thinking and plotting makes you gag at times. Take Dons disgusting ‘Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaori get too much’ racist nonsense from his Orewa Bigot of the year speech – Hagar enlightens us that all the consultants and strategists knew from the beginning that what they were saying were lies, and that Maori are not some privileged elite, National tapped that dark vein of garden variety bigotry that lies sleeping in some European New Zealanders and attempted to ride that snarling feral step child of petty ignorance over the election line.

The doco was also interesting in it’s sense of history repeating; how the hard-hard-hard right Don Brash was sold as a moderate, just like John Key is being sold to us now; how three years ago National used the ‘we won’t privatize that in our first term’ claim as an inoculation towards policies National knew the Public would not accept, just like National claim on all their privitisation policies now; how their desire to implement hard right economic policy was actively hidden by being as loose and vague as possible, while this election look at the two lists below on what policy National have released with only a couple of months till the election…

Art and Culture
Communications & IT
Community Affairs
Defence and Security
Foreign Affairs
Justice - Law & Order
Primary Sector
Social Services
State Services

...and National has no policy or anything close to it...

Auckland Issues
Building & Construction
Consumer Affairs
Economic Development
Ethnic Affairs
Finance and Taxation
Labour & Industrial Relations
Local Government
Maori Affairs - Culture & Development
Maori Affairs - Education & TPK
Pacific Island Affairs
Small Business
Treaty Negotiations
Women's Affairs

…and let’s also point out that for the list where they do have policy, it is usually an e-mail with very little actual policy in it.

The last point that was interesting was regarding Crosby/Texter. They were involved in the last campaign, but the moment John Key won as leader he took them on to consult in his 3 year lead up to the election – the massaging and varnish to hide their true intent was a campaign long event last time, this time it has been a 3 year build up. Interestingly John Key has not held a fixed press conference where he could be drilled on policy for over a year, the last time was their health policy release where they forgot to announce that their policy would actually lift restrictions on the fees Drs can charge until it was embarrassingly pointed out to them during the press conference by journalists.

I supported Nicky right from when I first read the Hollow Men to make a doco with Alister because I understood what a huge impact the revelations of this once in a lifetime access to the internal thinking behind Nationals election attempt would cause if the wider electorate were informed. The book sold 10 000 copies and maybe a couple of thousand saw it in play form, a doco has the ability to go well beyond those numbers and the impact of the revelations have, I believe, still yet to be played out. If I were National or Crosby/Texter, I’d be very concerned with that happening.


At 25/7/08 8:52 am, Blogger SamClemenz said...

I agree with you Bomber. The impact from the past is yet to be played out or revisited. Most of the same players are still in the National Rank's with the exception of Brash.
Key is good on stage - in a slippery sort of way. It would be criminal though to actually take him seriously as he practices "Smear Politic's" and is VERY busy under the table making deals with the Jackal's to support his regime of Privatising State Assets for his constituent's (Corporatist's) profits.
I can't wait to see his Tax Break Policy, and find out how National intends to cut Social Programs to pay for it. All in the interest of "More efficient Government" - Like the Tui ad - Yeah Right!
National doesn't have the talent to run this country in their line-up of attack dog front benchers. Key is so full of Hot Air and no substance that he could fill a stadium with "Hot Air Balloons", but he won't be able to fill the same stadium with supporters once they see him in the light of day for his true intentions of feeding his rich pals in the Insurance Industry and Financial Sectors.
Looking forward to seeing the Doco here in Dunedin in the Festival upcoming!
Leopard's DON'T change their spots!

At 25/7/08 9:38 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is the doco up on Youtube or is Hager trying to make a buck out of it

At 25/7/08 11:18 am, Anonymous Strings said...

Solution to the Treaty challenge.

Give every Maori man, woman and child $25,000 tax free in return for their signature on a document revoking the Treaty; the law enacting this should make it valid if half plus one (or more) of the Maori population sign.

This would cost about $7.5 billion. This would also create a country of absolutely equal citizens for the future and eliminate a vast cost in maintaining the treaty 'industry' that we have today.

At 25/7/08 12:01 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good idea strings. It'd also most likely increase the rate of Maori emigration to Australia.

And how Maori would you have to be to get this money? 1/4, 1/16, 1/48?

Or do you propose some sort of DNA test?

At 25/7/08 12:05 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And how Maori would you have to be to get this money? 1/4, 1/16, 1/48?

Or do you propose some sort of DNA test?

Probably the same way as the 'maoriness' of treaty claimants is tested at the moment i.e. it isn't - you just have to make sure you are nice and cosy with each tribes elite or you get fuck all.

At 25/7/08 12:46 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I supported Nicky right from when I first read the Hollow Men..."

Well thanks for reiterating that you are Nicky Hagar's chief brown noser and that National are eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil.
Incidentally, how do you feel about stalkerish secret filming people unaware in their own homes?
Did you find that bit titillating?

Now perhaps you could also give us your thoughts on Winston Peters accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars from "Big Money" - you know that shadow group of puppet masters that you reckon control the National party?

I mean, given that all you've had to say on the matter so far is some ridiculous speculation that Winny might have prostate cancer (seriously, what the fuck was that all about?), what do you think of this big scandal that has more potential to do real damage to the Labour government than any stuttering, non-committal interview given by John Key.

At 25/7/08 1:10 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well thanks for reiterating that you are Nicky Hagar's chief brown noser and that National are eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil.


Wait are those lumbering footsteps I hear Bomber coming back to defend his undefendable position (again)?

At 26/7/08 3:12 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it's fantastic that National have next to no policies yet polls suggest they will hammer Labour come election day. It just shows how sick the majority of NZers are with a Labour Govt they can't relate to and which seems intent on punishing tax payers for the benefit of minorities. Summed up by Cullen's "Rich Prick" jibes to Key - I view this as a compliment rather than an insult - Cullen is obviously way out of touch with people who haven't been universities / parliament all their lives.
Bomber, you live in a little leftist bubble. The Brash Orewa speech wasn't a little blip - hardworking Pakeha are sick of feeling guilty for their skin colour while subsidising a generation of (predominantly brown) women who push babies out to get benefits.
Bomber, get a real 8-5 job (minimum) and see how the real NZ operates.

At 26/7/08 7:33 pm, Anonymous beepee of auckland said...

And you forget what a pack of bullshitting,duck shoving,back hander taking and corrupt the Labour Party is. Oops I almost forgot what an honest and above average wage payer Taito Philip Field is.


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