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Friday, July 25, 2008

Reward offered for citizen's arrest of Rice

Reward offered for citizen's arrest of Rice
A $5000 reward is being offered to any Auckland University student who can make a successful citizen's arrest of United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice during her visit to the country this weekend. Auckland University Student Association (AUSA) president David Do said the arrest would be for her role in "overseeing the illegal invasion and continued occupation" of Iraq. "It is hard enough living as a student in Auckland these days without having a war criminal coming to town, so we thought we'd give our students a chance to make a dent in their student loans and work for global justice at the same time."

We can’t allow the smartest girl in the room during the discussion for the worst foreign policy failure in America’s history to simply waltz into town without an intense and sharp response. See you at the protest.

Protest March to government house
Meet at the corner of Carlton Gore Road and Park Road
1.30pm Saturday 26th July

This will be followed by a protest from 3.15pm outside the Langham Hotel in Symonds Street where she is scheduled to meet National Party Leader John Key.


At 25/7/08 8:33 am, Blogger SamClemenz said...

It would be great if this weren't a stunt put on by the Pol-Sci dept. for publicity to distact the attention away from their complicity WITH Rice and the rest of the Neocon trash she feeds with in the Alliance countries. However this will be just another missed opportunity to bring these bastards to account for their war crimes just like the last time Moshe A'non was in Auckland and Michael Cullen stepped in and quahed the arrest warrant for that slime ball.
Free Trade agreements with the US are on the table, and anyone with a brain cell knows that this is just a hoax-ploy to put up a little show in order to make it look appealing to the US to have NZ on their "Alliance of the Greedy" guest list at the world feeding trough and include us on the list of NWO countries.
Screw that, how bout an offer of 25million US for her capture (Dead or Alive) like the bounty on Osama's head? You know, the scapegoat they used for the 911 attack? Five grand won't even pay for your funeral when you get within 30m of her hotel room and the SS open fire on you!

At 25/7/08 10:54 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As any fule knoes Condee is a giant lizard who has merely assumed human form until the rapture occurs. Even if you get past the CIA stooges she'll be able to decapitate you with a flick of the toungue.

At 25/7/08 11:46 am, Anonymous Condi said...

I hope AUSA is willing to fit any legal bills incurred by inciting students to act in this manner.

At 25/7/08 12:39 pm, Anonymous Avenger said...

I do hope the student who attempts this pathetic stunt gets hammered by Condi's bodyguards.

At 25/7/08 1:49 pm, Anonymous USA A OK said...

I think David Do should be arrested and charged.....

We are with America, not with the evil doers.

At 25/7/08 3:17 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 27/7/08 8:38 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So did anyone turn up to your little protest? Or was a bit of rain too much for Auckland's big time anarchists?

At 29/7/08 8:25 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 30/7/08 1:34 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...



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