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Thursday, July 31, 2008

nz blogosphere June rankings out now

The blogosphere rankings in full have been released. So much detail, so long in the waiting. The survey will be completed much faster next time.

Big movers:

#21 (80+) Homepaddock
#25 (+12) Keeping Stock
#27 (80+) Jafapete’s Weblog
#28 (+17) Hot topic
#32 (+39) Dim Post
#41 (+45) Barnsley Bill
#50 (+32) Anti-Dismal
#57 (+16) Oswald Bastable's Ranting
#63 (+11) Grant Robertson | Wellington Central
#65 (70+)Truth Seeker
#68 (+20) Jimmy Jangles
#70 (30+) Skinny
#71 (30+) PM of NZ

#24 (-12) KiwiBlogBlog (wound up)
#29 (-12) TBR.cc (The Briefing Room)
#31 (-16) whoar.co.nz
#37 (-14) Newzblog
#38 (-12) Silent Running
#60 (-17) John Key (yes - THE John Key)
#69 (-18) Eye of the Fish
#81 (-39) Green Machine
#84 (-27) Bill English (yes)
#87 (-19) Holden Republic
#96 (-24) Anarchia
#99 (-24) Spleen


At 1/8/08 8:59 am, Blogger Bomber said...

Well done Handmirror, Barnsley Bill and Truth Seeker

At 1/8/08 10:57 am, Anonymous travellerev said...

Awesome. If this list is anything to go by than I think it save to say that Key and English have suffered as a result of their unwillingness to come clean on their politics. I think that their place on the list more accurately shows what people think about them then the NZH polls. LOL

Hi Tim,

Is it possible to change my blog description to: International finance, the events of 911 and how it all connects to Aotearoa. Thanks.

At 1/8/08 12:39 pm, Blogger Matt Nolan said...

Good stuff putting this list together guys - it must be a lot of work. It is definitely appreciated!

At 1/8/08 12:43 pm, Anonymous Avenger said...

travellerv, wyou should add UFO sightings, flat-Earth theories and and Morris dancing.

It would do justice to your "sane" blog.

At 1/8/08 5:57 pm, Blogger Barnsley Bill said...

Chuck a paypal on the blog Tim. This must have taken quite some time.

At 1/8/08 6:52 pm, Anonymous travellerev said...


I have never seen a UFO, Galilee Galileo proved once and fore all that the earth was round and got locked up for the rest of his life for saying it as he saw it by the inquisition. Morris dancing is quit quaint what with all the buttons and stuff.
Why don't you go fuck yourself or get some education my "friend".

At 2/8/08 8:36 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I think that their place on the list more accurately shows what people think about them then the NZH polls. LOL"

Earth to travellerev, earth to travellerev.
Blog placements are not a true representative of what the general NZ public think of politicans.

Nobody may be reading John Keys blog, but it is safe to say that he will be the next NZ Prime Minister.

Bloggers are more delusional than Antoine Dixon.

At 2/8/08 12:32 pm, Blogger Tim Selwyn said...

- description amended.

Barnsley Bill
- I will not panhandle, sir. There will be no begging boxes - there will be no scruffiness. However, monetising the nz blogosphere project is on the horizon. That would provide the incentives to bring it out on time and expand it.

You are right: it is a massive mission.

At 2/8/08 2:10 pm, Blogger Barnsley Bill said...

panhandle... Not a word you see written every day.
Monetizing the rankings would be the first thing my filthy capitalist leanings would make me do. 5 bucks a month via paypal to be included, and then you can call it official rankings. You are already a compulsory member of the NZ bloggers union so we could cook up a quasi official title for it and then you can send press releases all over the shop.
Of course... Public Address would have to go as it is not a blog and the standard would be out too as it is a labour party propaganda site with help from the hetero wing of the Labour party (EPMU)
Ohh... And my homework excuse is over at my place for when you are cooking the July results in October.

At 2/8/08 5:56 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Bloggers are more delusional than Antoine Dixon."

Dixon had an excuse for his delusional behavior; he was a P-head and had been abused as a child.

Bloggers like eve have none.

I guess Tim could claim that the bashing and sexual abuse he received in prison would qualify.

At 3/8/08 11:43 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Of course... Public Address would have to go as it is not a blog"

Really BB?
What would you classify it as if it is not a web log?
Ah well, when there's straws to be clutched...

At 3/8/08 2:18 pm, Blogger Barnsley Bill said...

Straw firmly clenched.
It is a collection of blogs. An aggregation site.

At 3/8/08 5:05 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"It is a collection of blogs. An aggregation site."

A bit like tumeke.
Is tumeke a blog?

At 3/8/08 5:20 pm, Blogger Barnsley Bill said...

of course it is. A multi author blog.

At 4/8/08 9:16 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So public address is an "aggregation site", whereas tumeke is a "multi author blog".

You don't work in PR do you BB?
Now if Tim wasn't massaging your ego by posting rankings, or if tumeke was made up solely of bombers, would you feel the same way?

Best clutch harder.

At 4/8/08 12:19 pm, Blogger Tim Selwyn said...

The important thing with the list is that its coverage is not dependant on political or personal alignments. Decisions to exclude a currently surveyed blog must be made on a transparent and rational basis.

At 4/8/08 4:38 pm, Blogger Julie said...

Thanks for the massive effort involved in this Tim, interesting to see all the big moves in June.


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