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Monday, July 28, 2008

How Winston's slush fund works

Having failed to find a flow chart of the slush fund trail I've made one myself. Other as yet unknown characters and intermediaries are in the mix too - it's complicated. I suspect multiple trusts are involved and that Winston's lawyers are behind them. If you go to that website you will discover that structuring deals is what these guys do. And suing people is what Winston does so I can't make any bald assertion beyond the chart [click on image for full-size].

Wayne Peters is keeping quiet, but says he does administer the Spencer Trust. WInston denies everything:

The allegations have been baseless.

1. The Glenn contribution went to my barrister Brian Henry. As soon as I learned of it I informed the Prime Minister and alerted the media.

2. The issue of taxation on this contribution is without merit. Legal experts have said so.

3. No gift duty is payable. Gift duty is based on the laws of the country where the donor is domiciled.

4. No declaration of pecuniary interest is required. This was made clear by the official advice given to Nick Smith as he revealed in the House this week.

5. The Vela cheque is lawful.

6. The Robert Jones claim that he gave $25,000 to New Zealand First?

The cheque was made out to the Spencer Trust.

The cheque was not made out to New Zealand First.

I have been advised by party officials at the time that there is nothing New Zealand First is required to disclose arising from the Spencer Trust.

7. Neither I nor my barrister has any involvement with the Spencer Trust.

8. The claim that the 1997 Cushing case settlement of $125,000 was paid by an anonymous donor is untrue. I paid the costs and have offered to show the reporter in question the details. This offer has not been taken up and no withdrawal of the claim has been published.

There are still many outs left for Winston. The evidence that he is involved had to be non-existent for the deals to work properly. Only problem is Sir Bob Jones isn't playing the game. He says Winston solicited the money directly and in person - Winston says no. But who believes him?


At 28/7/08 3:55 pm, Blogger Tim Selwyn said...

By multiple trusts, I mean ad hoc trusts set up to cover single legal cases
trusts devised by his lawyers to filter the slush fund money into NZ First coffers in amounts of less than $10k each.

That's their job isn't it? The primary brief is to make the donations anonymous one would think.

At 28/7/08 4:51 pm, Blogger Barnsley Bill said...

Nobody believes him Tim. Other the bladder enfeebled cheer leaders who will vote for him.
he is the master of answering a question by answering a question that was not asked.

He is to crusading for the efa as to graham capill was to crusading for family values

At 28/7/08 4:52 pm, Blogger Barnsley Bill said...

blogger really need to add an edit feature for commenter's... Sorry for the garbled comment above.

At 28/7/08 6:48 pm, Anonymous mawm said...

What has happened to the 158K that he owes that 'he' says he has given to charities. Is this true?

Where did the 100K that somehow came and went from NZ1st account come from.

There are lies, lies and damn lies. Methinks the police should be involved. If he is innocent let it be proven - at this stage there is too much that is not believable.

At 28/7/08 10:26 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder what kind of trusts they are. Are they charitable trusts? If so they must have charitable aims - yes I can hear you laughing, but if they are charitable trusts, the Charities Commission should check that their aims are being carried out. Also, since 1 April 2008, businesses and individuals can make donations to charitable trusts which are 100% tax refundable as long as the total amount donated to all charitable causes does not exceed the total declared gross income of the business or individual.So a wealthy business or individual donor can make a hefty donation to a charitable trust and claim the whole amount back in their tax return! If the charitable trust has been set up to funnel money to a political party, that's a pretty good scam. Which is why I wonder what kind of trust the Spencer Trust is.

At 28/7/08 11:58 pm, Anonymous Kakariki said...

The thing I really don't get about all this is what's motivating Bob Jones. I mean, he's hardly the kind of guy to do something without having an ulterior motive. There is definitely some kind of old boys network bitch fest going on here.

At 29/7/08 1:11 pm, Anonymous Kakariki said...

ew have you seen this spew?

"JOURNALIST DIANNE Haworth's 2007 book Give a Man a Horse, a biography of Cambridge Stud owner and "master bloodstock breeder" Sir Patrick Hogan, makes special mention of Winston Peters.

"He is the best racing minister New Zealand has ever had," Hogan gushes. "He's done a wonderful job and I just hope whoever wins the next election will keep him on."

Peters' own comments in the book about his friend and political benefactor read like a love letter: "I'm a great admirer of Sir Patrick because - I won't beat about the bush - I like the way he dresses and I like the way he talks. He's smart - he's a handsome guy. He's professional to the nth degree. There are not many men who've got the charm and the dash and who are straight and direct at the same time." "


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