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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

General Debate: Peters in Wonderland

Winston was enjoying himself this afternoon. Gerry Brownlee made as much headway as he could through his interjections. The cautious PM kept strictly to her lines. The cockroach survives another day.

National's angle in the House was that Winston threatened the PM with withdrawal of his party's votes if she didn't express confidence in him and so she was forced to accept his word and do nothing to investigate the slush fund allegations - rather than risk a suicidal early election. Brownlee asked if Winston gave instructions to the Spencer Trust and said he assumed Winston was the beneficiary of the Trust. Peters did not challenge this assumption, and naturally, failed to answer any part of the question.

Come Winston's speech in the General Debate the entire Labour front bench had vanished. They weren't going to be caught in the presence of Winston flinging out mud. He was going to use Alice in Wonderland as a theme, and there was no way that the Queen and the Mad Hatter were sticking around for that drama. Winston marked out the conspiracy against him:

  • In May 2005 Winston informed the Speaker of allegations carried now by the Dom Post. [Vela Bros.?]
  • Big money wants him out.
  • TVNZ hired two private investigators to get dirt on him. Ian Fraser threatened him and Bill Ralston authorised the detectives.
  • Phil Kitchin (Dom Post) gave material to TVNZ
  • Ex NZ First staff member had split up with disgruntled partner and they leaked material
  • Defamation action from Winston is live against some of these people.

    What ever, Winston. Investigating potential corruption is something Winston used to pride himself on, now he says when it's against him it's a conspiracy of the wealthy and the media to bring him down. The groove in that track is rather deep, seeing as how he plays it every time any allegation at all of any nature on any subject is ever made against him. It's a vast conspiracy. It could not match, however, the detail of intrigue and webs of connexions that link Winston to his pots of big money. That's the conspiracy here. He's the one taking money from big money interests. We know that now, so his ascetic mirage of financial rectitude has evaporated.

    He must have been in trouble. He had to mention his mother's funeral twice in this speech. Maybe it was Rodney Hide asking the Serious Fraud Office to investigate him? He's angry evidently. NZ Herald reporting Peter's walked off from a media stand-up because journalists wouldn't move away for him (?) Maybe because that angle would make him look short?


    At 30/7/08 6:11 pm, Blogger jafapete said...

    "It's a vast conspiracy."

    Why the surprise? The groove is well worn, but as long as there is a group of people out there who buy the conspiracy theories and persecution by big interests, expect more. And expect Peters to refresh his support base amongst these people, maybe to the point of getting over the 5% threshold.

    I'm more inclined to Rudman's view in today's Herald. It's small bikkies in terms of the money and the interests behind the National Party.

    At 30/7/08 7:08 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    So Jafa I can clearly see that you're not a man of principle otherwise you would clearly see that having a minister of the crown take substantial 'donations' from a someone whom is seeking to influence a decision which affects them is wrong.

    Still a labour supporter would think that as after all their principles goes out the window if thy're on the losing side of an election

    At 31/7/08 7:50 am, Blogger Bryan Spondre said...

    And Winston will survive to fight another day. The senile old dears will still vote for that 'nice young man' who has given them free public transport. The only hope of salvation from Winston is an outbreak of influenza in the rest home & retirement village industry.

    At 31/7/08 8:24 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    "I'm more inclined to Rudman's view in today's Herald. It's small bikkies in terms of the money and the interests behind the National Party."

    Well a dyed in the wool Labour brown noser would, wouldn't they.

    It's much easier for you to believe that the other side is evil, than it is for you to look at what is happening right in front of you: Winston Peters is as corrupt as fuck and your dear Helen is only too happy to turn a blind eye to because she is soooooooo desperate to cling to power. Sad.


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