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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Zimpossible elections - four days to go.

Many .zw websites just are not functioning at the moment so getting information about what is happening in Zimbabwe is largely through other means today.

The Chairman of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, George Chiweshe has said in a report that:
"We don't have a war. We will be able to hold credible elections"
Credible elections can take place, eh. Like the last lot of ballot-stuffing and misreporting was credible too I suppose. This is the same man who was an army general and prosecutor for Mugabe and appointed by him to rig the elections.

The MDC headquarters in Harare that was raided by the police, for the fourth time, yesterday is located on Nelson Mandela Avenue. He is currently in the UK, I understand celebrating his 90th birthday. He looked rather frail from the pictures, but surely his moral strength still has some weight, especially combined with his personal relationships with the players in his northern neighbour's crisis. Is he turning a blind eye? Is he not wanting to publicly undermine his successor, Mbeki?

Thankfully it appears Zimbabwe's other neighbours are preparing to act with more responsibility and humanity than South Africa. Meanwhile Tsvangirai is still at the Dutch embassy it appears. The MDC under so much pressure that a reversal of its election pull-out would not surprise me either.

Another prick in the cacti of the Zimbabwe apparatus of state oppression:


At 24/6/08 12:54 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeez, whats up with all the Zimbabwe posts recently?

At 24/6/08 8:01 pm, Blogger Tim Selwyn said...

Millions of brothers and sisters are in a dramatic crisis regarding the future of democracy in their nation. A tyrant stands poised to gain the shred of a mandate needed to keep their neighbour to the south supporting him. The economy has imploded under misrule. The opposition candidate has been intimidated into standing aside in the election... or has he?

If I notice some characters that look like they might be behind this brutal business I'll let you know.


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