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Monday, June 30, 2008

That pesky Neutron bomb

Hager claim raises fresh leak worries
New questions are being asked about National's internal security after revelations of John Key's relationship with controversial Australian strategists Crosby/Textor.
Author Nicky Hager has revealed the relationship between the Australian firm and Mr Key, including details of meeting dates and focus group research. The firm has courted controversy for tactics including push-polling. Co-founder Lynton Crosby was largely credited for former Australian prime minister John Howard's 2001 Tampa campaign.
But the firm is also in high demand both in Australia and Britain after running numerous successful political campaigns.
National used Crosby/Textor before the 2005 campaign but was sensitive about details of the relationship getting out; senior party figures denied using the firm except on an occasional basis, though it later emerged in Hager's book The Hollow Men that they had a more extensive relationship.
In yesterday's Sunday Star-Times, Hager claimed National was paying co-founder Mark Textor about $10,000 a visit and had him conducting monthly focus groups for the party. Mr Key had hired the company shortly after becoming leader, Hager said.
A spokesman for Mr Key said yesterday the party did not comment on its business arrangements. It is understood, however, that the substantive detail of Hager's claims about the relationship are correct. But his possession of such closely held details are likely to rekindle unease about internal security - National has consistently claimed it was the victim of a computer hacker after hundreds of former leader Don Brash's private e-mails fell into Hager's hands.

Labour have claimed they have a ‘neutron bomb’ up their sleeve which is the identity of the leaker to Hagar, apparently Clark knows who it is, Culllen and Peters knows who it is, I wonder who could have leaked the files from within National so much so that their identity being revealed would be a ‘neutron bomb’….

Neutron bomb
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A neutron bomb was a type of tactical nuclear weapon built mainly by the U.S. specifically to release a relatively large portion of its energy as energetic neutron radiation. This contrasts with standard thermo-nuclear weapons, which are designed to capture the intense neutron radiation inside the bomb to increase its overall yield. The technical term for the neutron bomb was "enhanced radiation weapon" (ERW). In terms of explosive yield, ERWs were about one-tenth that of a conventional fission type weapon.[1] While significantly less in explosive power, they were still much more potent than any conventional bomb


At 30/6/08 9:11 am, Anonymous thingy said...

If Peters knew he would have crowed it by now

At 30/6/08 2:46 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are the Natzis still holding onto their computer hacker "theory" even after it was utterly dismissed some years ago?

At 30/6/08 4:17 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will make for an interesting news day once the election date is announced and campaigning starts. Im definitely intrigued.

It's no big deal that National are using political marketers - everyone who can afford it does it. This isn't some massive breach of the democratic process - even though Bomber paints it as a capitalist-conspiratory.

At 1/7/08 5:38 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is you nuetron bomb? Phfffft, double happy if you are lucky. Only people like you and idots who would try and liken the National party to nazis, so desperate to believe that John Key is an evil hob goblin, care about this bullshit non issue.

The rest of the country is just sick to fucking death of the Clark n' Cullen Circus, not at all interested in these trivialities. It is laughable that you still can't see that that's what this is.

At 2/7/08 11:36 am, Blogger Bomber said...

Having a dirty tricks team advise you and refuse to admit it isn't news worthy? A political party who had a secret right wing privitisation agenda only 3 years ago and still won't tell NZ what their policies are this time around, yet hire the same tactical team that advised Brash last time - that's not news worthy - you hate Helen Clark so much that you are blindly supporting a National Party without any idea what they will do once in Power? And you have the audacity to call us idiots? Part of me really hopes National get in because the anarchy that will eventuate from their real policy implementations alongside Rodger Douglas in Parliament will be a shit sandwhich I really want hollow posters like the one above to have to justify.

At 3/7/08 9:01 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"yet hire the same tactical team that advised Brash last time"
and you conveniantly ignore the fact that National used them in the three elections prior to that in your desperate attempt to make the use of these consultants out to be a nefarious plot.

"you hate Helen Clark so much that you are blindly supporting a National Party without any idea what they will do once in Power?"

Just like you are letting you hatred of National blind you to how Labour is fucking this country beyond repair.

"Part of me really hopes National get in because the anarchy that will eventuate from their real policy implementations..."

Anarchy? You say that like it's a fact. Tomorrows truck protest is evidence that people are already pissed off with what the current government is doing, you think keeping Labour in power is going to resolve anything?


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