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Thursday, June 19, 2008

The President's Brain is Missing (again)

Bush calls for offshore drilling
President George W Bush has called on Congress to end a 27-year ban on drilling for oil in US coastal waters, to reduce dependence on imports. Mr Bush said existing restrictions on offshore drilling were "outdated and counter-productive".
Since 1981, a congressional moratorium has prohibited oil and gas drilling along the east and west coasts and in the eastern Gulf of Mexico, an area accounting for some 80% of the US's Outer Continental Shelf. The federal ban was enacted in part to protect tourism and lessen the chance of oil spills washing on to beaches. The Democrats, and some Republicans who represent coastal states, oppose ending the moratorium. Mr Bush, who has repeatedly pushed for an end to the ban, has accused Democrats of using their control of Congress to undermine attempts to boost domestic oil production. The president also renewed his call on Wednesday for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska to be opened up to drilling.

Let’s crunch the numbers,

Estimated reserves:
18bn barrels of recoverable oil
77 trillion cubic feet of natural gas
US annual energy usage:
7.6bn barrels of oil
21 trillion cubic feet of gas
Source: US interior department

And this oil would take 10 years before the first drop hit the American mainland, this is insane, this would only last America two and a half years, Bush is willing to risk oil spills plus the extra pollution that oil would release into the atmosphere all for 2 and a half years oil usage? COME ON PEOPLE – even the most die in the wool Conservative supporter can’t support this madness, to every objective viewer, Bush is crazy to think this idea would work and the shear cost for so little gain, and all because he won’t allow his standard of obscene wastage living to dip.


At 19/6/08 10:18 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You sound so surprised mate! This president is a complete fucktard and the sooner his sorry ass is out of the 'White House' the better!

At 22/6/08 4:31 pm, Anonymous Mark said...

It's not the only oil deposits that can be recovered in the US.

There is shale oil in the Rockies and major finds have been made elsewhere in the US but there is a ban on drilling on federal land.

The US does have enough oil for it's own domestic consumption for many decades if those reserves are brought online.

Yes, it may take ten years to fully develop thos reserves but it would reduce the US dependence on overseas oil.

And what's a bigger risk - supertankers having to transport oil to the US from the Middle East (i.e distanced travelled) compared to drilling oil in the US itself.

Most of the world's worst splills have come from tanker accidents not from drilling rigs.

If it was uneconomic oil companies would not drill, there wouldn't need to be a ban.

At 30/6/08 1:03 am, Anonymous Carlo said...

Good Job! :)


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