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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Okay for a kneejerk reaction

New police powers to curb teen drinking
Police will be given new powers under changes unveiled by the Government to crack down on teen drunkenness and adults who supply minors with alcohol. Christchurch MP and Associate Justice Minister Lianne Dalziel said yesterday she was drafting a bill that would make the supply of liquor to minors illegal. Currently, it is only illegal to sell alcohol to those under the age of 18. Under Dalziel's proposed legislation, only parents, guardians, or those authorised by them, will be able to offer alcohol to minors. The legislation being drafted, tentatively entitled the Sale and Supply of Liquor and Liquor Enforcement Bill, will also: Give police new powers to caution young people for drunkenness. Cut the alcohol limit to zero for drivers under the age of 20 who do not hold a full licence. Ban from holding a manager's certificate for five years anyone prosecuted more than three times for selling alcohol to minors. Allow councils to set tougher standards for licensed premises, including opening hours and proximity to schools.

For a Kneejerk reaction this isn’t too bad, but for it to be really effective booze should have been banned from Supermarkets and Dairys.


At 25/6/08 8:30 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So if alcohol is banned from dairies and supermarkets then alcohol abuse will stop, and crime will cease to happen?

Sounds like you're drunk bomber.

At 25/6/08 9:50 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can understand removing alcohol from corner dairies.

But supermarkets?

Don't food and wine go together? Shouldn't we be trying to promote more southern european attitudes to alcohol (as an accompaniment to a fine meal rather than a drug)?



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