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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

NZers aren’t as stupid as National hope

Taxpayers don't want cuts if services suffer - survey
The majority of people don't want bigger tax cuts if it means cuts to public service spending or more government borrowing, a new poll has found. The Public Service Association commissioned UMR Research survey of 750 voters found 60 per cent did not want tax cuts bigger than those in the May budget if that meant reduced public service spending or increased Government borrowing. Thirty-three per cent supported tax cuts anyway including 13 per cent who strongly supported them.
Women were more opposed to cuts under the scenario than men - 63 per cent and 57 per cent respectively, and people on lower incomes were more opposed than wealthier people. Another scenario put to voters was whether they would prefer to keep taxes as they are and keep user charges for services low or cut taxes and have higher charges. Nearly three in four respondents or 71 percent said they preferred to leave taxes as they were while 23 per cent would still prefer cuts.

This isn’t good news for National who have sold their entire strategy on greed, but as NZers start really looking at Party policy, note how the last three polls in a row over the weekend showed Labour slowly going up with National support slowly going down and as we get closer to the election NZers will start to focus more and more on the detail and will want to know exactly what it is National will do. 3 years ago National had a secret right wing privatization policy that they intended to implement once they were elected without telling the electorate, has 3 years really changed National that much?


At 24/6/08 9:48 am, Anonymous samclemenz said...

At the moment, National's Cheesey, almost drunken looking smile that is reflected by John "Trust me" Keys, and Nick "don't pay any attention to my red nose, I only have a code" Smith - et al.., are un-earned in their apparent blind assumption that NZer's are as a dumb as they appear to be in our falling for the politically based rubbish rhetoric that National pisses down our legs against the "Evil Labour Empire" of Helen the "She Beast" Clarke.
I don't think that smile is going to last long though unless we Kiwi's are REALLY as stupid as National believes we are.
Anyone over 18 years old has had a taste of the "National" Grim Reaper in their lifetime at the capable "trust me" hands of National's Privateering band of anti-Social imcompetant's.
The players, with the exception of dear "Auntie" Jennie, and Mr. Irrelevant - Jim Bolger, are the same group of strikingly stupid elitist apologist's that met with the Bush Administration and Exclusive Bretheren in the lead up to the last election, aren't they? Putting a dress and lip-stick on a pig doesn't change the fact of it being a pig does it? Why would this be any different in regard to National's underlying and so far "Top Secret" new policies???
Though Labour is definitely showing signs of total exhaustion and need a total makeover to re-create and rejuvinate itself, I for one am much more secure in feeling comfortable with the Devil I know rather than a group of Cowboy's who have no policy, nor competant leaders, nor have sponsored any new legislation of social significance during their years of Opposition.
If it comes down to giving the "Cowboys" the reins just because they want to drive the wagon, I'm a little slow but not brain dead, and am more willing to allow Labour another term to find it's feet, and start moving forward again!
National as I see it have nothing new or beneficial to offer me as a family man who is stuck in the sinking middle class, and sliding backward at 3.5% or more each year, and continue to pay more to the "Fat Cat's" for the privledge of it.
So I won't be supporting the fat cat's in the future any more than I absolutely have to!

I wonder what Nicky Hagar has been up to in this run up to Armaghedon that we'll soon be facing?

At 24/6/08 11:18 am, Blogger Roger. Mellie said...

Bomber, this post and subsequent theory is beneath you.
UMR did a survey for the PSA. what exactly did you expect the results to be?
What questions were asked?
You and I could sit down over a beer and write a new set of questions that would have results suggesting that govt expenditure should be halved.
And that is the beauty of push polling which is exactly what this survey was.
The psa is the union most at threat of having it's ranks decimated after the election, of course they are going to try and convince us the public do not want cuts.
After nine years of unfettered growth with no accountability even you could find a few thousand oxygen thieves to fire.

At 24/6/08 4:36 pm, Anonymous One who has designed cheaper public service and seen it implemented said...

The real issue is in the survey words.

National at least acknowledge that there is VAST waste in the Public Service, and that costs can be significantly reduced (I'd put a career on the line that 30% would be EASY) without any reduction in productivity!

Therefore, the tax cuts will, over time, be able to go ahead and services will not be reduced.


At 24/6/08 7:45 pm, Anonymous Legio X said...

note how the last three polls in a row over the weekend showed Labour slowly going up with National support slowly going down

Which polls would they be Bo ber?

Please provide links.

The 3 polls I saw over the weekend ALL had the Nats being able to govern alone, with NZ1st gone, Greens maybe just sneaking in this time.

Looking good for Nats plus Rodney with the Maori party brought in to make up the numbers.

Anyone taking bets on Maori Party swapping repeal of Seabed legislation and timed removal of Maori seats for a lower threshold (2%?) and Cabinet seats?

NZ politics is going to be unrecognisable come 2011.

The $ numbers National will come out with after the election re public service will have voters crying out for cuts to policy wonks, analysts, media minders etc.


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