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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Michael Laws – a clown too far?

'Petty terrorists' must be stopped - Laws
Wanganui Mayor Michael Laws compares New Zealand gangs' lawlessness to violence in Zimbabwe and says the army should be called in to crush them if necessary. His comments come after several gang-related incidents in Invercargill and Hawke's Bay last week. "There is only one way to deal with these petty terrorists. That is to outlaw gangs and provide police with the resources to crush them," he said. "If that involves bringing in the army, then so be it." The influence of gangs in effect created "homes-away-from-home in prison". "Until politicians and police headquarters grow some testes, then gangs will continue to recruit new kids, engage in organised crime and kill people."

Oh Lord, where to begin? I used to like Michael, after reading his very good book, The Demon Profession , you got the real feeling that Michael was a very principled voice within NZ First and took his responsibilities as an MP very seriously, however since then he has bloated into Talkback reactionary dog whistle speech that seems more intent at creating heat than any light. This latest outburst is perhaps his worst to date, setting the Army on NZ citizens because we have decided those citizens are ‘terrorists’ is perhaps the most ill thought out, backward, fear mongering bullshit I’ve ever had the displeasure of reading. The Army? Michael wants to turn the Army on it’s own citizens? He then, without even understanding the irony, invokes the collapse of Zimbabwe as a reason why we should use the Army, of course in Zimbabwe Mugabe has in fact used the Army on his own citizens and managed to do that by painting his opposition out as traitors and terrorists. The way we deal with organized crime in NZ is by reforming the old SFO and attack the financial structures that allow Organized Crime to prosper and have the assets to keep ahead of the Police, as for street gangs, the societal alienation that drives much recruitment for gangs needs to be tackled while a much quicker Court system would hand out quicker Justice so that gang members do perceive that there is a direct counter reaction to their actions, with Court cases taking almost 2 years at the moment, there is no immediate effect felt. These are structural and resourcing issues and would go much further in finding solutions than the madness of suggesting we have the Army turn their guns on a splinter group within society and crush them in some type of bloodbath that Commissioner Laws envisions would be an Apocalyptic cleansing of the filth from the planet, only someone drinking deeply from their own well of bullshit could ever believe that is a solution.


At 24/6/08 9:08 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gangs make most of their money from drugs, therefore decriminalising drugs and treating drug abuse as a medical rather than criminal matter would take a lot of that money away from the gangs. Simple no?

Thus, the prospect of joining a gang becomes less attractive as there is less money to share round.

The Mongrel Mob/Road Knight/King Cobra/Killa Beez type of organisations, while being home to many sociopaths, are small fry in terms of money. The real high level criminals prefer to keep their activities out of the papers and their membership secret. Why do think politicians and the media are so caught up in this "string them up" smokescreen mentality?

Because the real criminals making all the real BIG money are the ones at the top.

Yes, I agree a revived SFO with some teeth may get to the bottom of where all this drug money is going (hint - it isn't your local Mungle Mob chapter members)


At 24/6/08 9:52 am, Blogger Truth Seeker said...

Laws is Mayor of Wanganui. Wanganui is a town where the Mongrel Mob often act like an informal militia in a way rarely seen in other NZ towns other than perhaps Hastings/Napier where the Mob also have critical mass and intimidate the wider community.

Walk a mile in Laws' shoes in Wanganui before dumping on him too heavily.

At 24/6/08 10:07 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Attack their finances to bring them down, it worked on the Columbian drug lords... for a while.

At 27/6/08 1:02 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Laws is pretty funny on fat bastards.

The Japanese are going to issue fines for the obese - maybe a stint over there would give some motivation to stop the substance abuse Bomber.

Rehab doesn't work but fines might, whats reckon Bomber what do you need to start being sensible.

At 27/6/08 11:44 am, Anonymous deano said...

Laws may be indulging in hyperbole but he is right.

Gangs are scum and a cancer.

Exterminate them.


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