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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Asian backlash building for sometime

PM urges community to engage with police
Prime Minister Helen Clark today urged the South Auckland community to work with police and not take the law into their own hands. She also gave details of a bill to look at alcohol sales which has been raised as an issue in recent violence in the area. Three people of Asian descent have died in homicides in the South Auckland area in the past two weeks, and in at least one case, the shooting of liquor store owner Navtej Singh, there were criticisms of the emergency service response. An Asian anti-crime group was set up three months ago in South Auckland and it is now taking a more proactive attitude. "We are forming to protect our own people," member Peter Low told Radio New Zealand. "If the police don't do it, we are going to do it ourselves. Simple as that."

This Asian backlash to perceptions of being the target of crime with calls for vigilante groups has been bubbling along for sometime now. When I was researching for Stake Out 3 years ago, we looked into Asian Crime and found that much of the community simply didn’t feel like they could reach out to the Police as there were few Police who could speak their language or understand the cultural nuances and there have been trust issues that were never resolved. What needs to happen is the Police need to sit down with the Asian community and start building trust so that the Asian community believe that they will be understood and will be treated fairly and that our Police force isn’t corrupted by bribery, get these understandings running and calls for vigilante groups will dry up, they are a symptom of a community that feels unsafe, the Police need to do more to make them feel they will be responded to, it is a process that has woefully been undervalued for a long time.


At 24/6/08 8:32 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where to start on this one.

Well, firstly you could say that anyone settling in NZ, especially if they are starting a business should be able to communicate in one of our two official languages.

The ethnic/gender makeup of the Police should reflect society. The NZ Police has been actively trying to recruit from Asian communities for a good number of years, they aren't getting the number of required recruits. Why is that? Perhaps Asian communities should ask themselves why?

Go to any of the multitude of liquor stores in any poor area of the country and 8 times of our ten the owners of the store will be of Asian extraction. Its not poor PI's, Maori or Whites selling booze into their own communities.

Sorry if this sounds Anti-Asian, I am not, I have nothing against Asians in the slightest. But the various Asian communities really need to take a look at themselves and not rush into forming half baked vigilante groups (which is what Bomber would be calling them if they were set up by nasty middle class whites)


At 24/6/08 8:33 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Save your faux sympathy bomber.

This blog was awash with anti-Chinese sentiment not too long ago.
You attack them in your blog, thugs attack them in the street, you both do your bit in creating a xenophobic enviroment.

At 24/6/08 3:33 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So Asian have booze shops, Big deal, they also own and operate Restaurants, takeaways many general stores, hair shops nail shops what ever else Bomber, they are also probabbly sadd enough to watch your pathetic attempt at a TV channel. They unlike Maori and PI are actually prepared to work for a living, Yes Work not sit back with there hands out, they actually pay taxes as well unlike half your Moari Mates Bomber who only take from the tax man. Leave the hard workers alone and come live in the 21 century Multicultural society that most of us live in. Let live those that want to work and let live.
And give up your pig headed racist idealist ways you pathetic sack of lard

At 24/6/08 6:53 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope the Asians get organised.

Black crime against whites has been ignored for at least the last 15 years, white do not organise themselves, the ones who can get out the ones who can't just have to accpet it.

Lets hope the Asians can fight back and get some law and order into SA, something the police have no interest in doing.

Asians might actually stop further decline and make it a safer place to live.

What percentage of SA police are blacks, how many are connected to criminal families.

Go for it Asians, the police and courts are worse than useless maybe you can help everyone not just your own people.

At 25/6/08 5:16 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe the Polynesians will now get a taste of the violence they inflict on innocent members of society. Go Asians!

At 26/6/08 4:01 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I say fuck off home if you can't fit in to our culture or speak English quite simple really.

At 27/6/08 11:41 am, Anonymous timmy tamaki said...

To generalise, many Polynesians are bullies and they perceive Asians as the weakest members of our society, and thus victimse them.

Also they resent the success of many Asians, who own businesses. Resentment leads to contempt, and violence. Of course most don`t connect the dots and see that that success is the result of WORKING.

Stop committing crimes, Polynesian people of South Auckland. Study and work.

And it`s not about the booze shops. What a red herring that is. Complaining about them is a way to make liberals feel good about doing something, while not having to face the true reasons. Facing the true reasons could seem racist, the biggest crime to the left. Even a bigger crime than ignoring the truth.


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