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Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Sunday News Roast 7pm tonight on Alt Tv

Alt TV's Sunday Newspaper Bruch Club becomes more substantial meal

Starting this Sunday 25 May, Alt TV's news media critique and Sunday newspaper review show, The Sunday Newspaper Bruch Club, becomes The Sunday News Roast - moving to a brand new set and taking the spanky Sunday night prime-time slot of 7pm.

Unfair & unbalanced, the spin starts here with the best political team on television.

The Sunday News Roast consists of media terrorist - Osama Bin Bomber, the medium-to-far-right Political Editor of the NBR - Mr Ben Thomas, and the last man to be convicted of sedition in NZ - Tumeke Blogger Tim Selwyn.

Each week the panel may or may not be joined by irregular guests to debate the news issues with passion and vigor - and very few facts.

The Sunday News Roast - it's Howard Beal meets The Daily Show!

Sunday 7pm-8pm
Sky Digital 65 and simulcast live to the world on www.alttv.co.nz


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