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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ron Mark needs a hoodie

Youth Week Hoodie Day criticised
The highlight of this year's Youth Week is Hoodie Day on Friday but NZ First MP Ron Mark says it is sending the wrong message. The week is to be launched at Pataka Museum in Porirua this evening hosted by Youth Minister Nanaia Mahuta. Organisers said the highlight of events was Hoodie Day where people would wear the sweatshirt-type tops to try and break down stereotypes that only young hooligans wear them. Hoodies have hit political news before; in July 2006 Conservative Party leader David Cameron said people should "hug a hoodie". Mr Mark criticised the idea and said it was a misuse of the $35,000 spent on Youth Week activities. "I think it's a little bizarre that a Maori MP would be promoting black American gang culture as a way to try generate some positive messages about New Zealand youth," he told NZP

Dear old Ron Mark, he’s very hot right now with his helping a motorcyclist from bleeding to death, but he’s a bit staunch conservative for me and is missing the point here – young people are given a very bad media wrap in NZ, and the intent from this youth organization is to cut through and counter the stereotypes that all kids wearing hoodies are thugs – the issue is that a youth organization feel the need to break stereotypes so much so that they are doing this. Ron needs to chill a bit and see the wider issue rather than reflect the bias.


At 27/5/08 10:01 am, Anonymous Tee said...

I'm looking forward to hoodie week almost as much as carjacking day. We've got to change the negative sterotypes people have about carjackers...

At 27/5/08 10:01 am, Anonymous Lol said...

I hear they are going to have 'aggressive tattooed ethnic glue-sniffer' day next.
These people deserve understanding also

At 27/5/08 10:09 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hoodies are fine. I have a couple myself. But I fail to see why the taxpayer needs to cough up 35K to promote them when they are already popular. Especially when everyone (except the government apparently) is tightening their economic belts.

At 27/5/08 10:14 am, Blogger Molerats said...

Hoodie day?

Personally im keeping an eye open for the "I hate my parents, cut myself for attention, support an emo" day.

Nows that 35K well spent.

At 27/5/08 10:18 am, Anonymous Hmmm said...

Hoodie day will clearly help this guy


With a bit of luck he falls of or under a train and kills himself

At 27/5/08 9:35 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Youth week - is that the catholic thing.

Flat earth dark age lies, just what children need (to ensure failure I suppose).

Could NZ bring itself to have a Science for children/youth week instead.


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