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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Police sulk in Kahui case

Kahui case will remain closed 'at this point'
Police say the Kahui investigation will remain closed unless new information comes to light, despite the prime minister saying they should revisit the case. Chris Kahui was on Thursday found not guilty of the murders of his three-month-old sons - Chris and Cru - in June 2006. After the verdict, police said they believed they had arrested the right person and would not be charging anyone else over the boys' deaths.

This was a bad Police prosecution, simple as that. There were a number of murders that happened at the same time as this case, the Police were overstretched and under immense pressure from a Public whipped up to Bailey Junior hysteria by a feeding frenzy media, so we can all be understanding of the pressure the Police were under, But that doesn’t excuse their petulant teenage routine right now with their refusal to look into the case again, they need to man up and accept they were wrong and look at putting Macsyne on trial, of course they can’t do that because they said that Macsyne couldn’t have killed the babies in the trial they just lost! The mistake they made as you go through the evidence was that they took their own medical testimony at face value without challenging it, as soon as the Defence case started and their own medical expert was able to blow the Prosecution testimony as to the time of the assaults out of the water you knew reasonable doubt had been established from the painful squirming of the Prosecution.

What really pisses me off is having to watch the Police try and argue that the right of silence, our cornerstone legal right, needs to be changed because of this case – what the hell? This case was a bad Police prosecution, how dare they now look to change our legal rights over a poor prosecution, I’ve got a message for those who want to take our legal right to silence, you can take it from my cold dead lips Mr Cop. This idiot prosecution has denied those two little babies justice, Police stupidity I can accept, denying murdered infants justice and then wanting to deny the rest of us our cornerstone legal rights is beyond a joke.


At 27/5/08 10:45 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I take it Bomber you have your Man-Boobs out as you write this eh?

It would be hypocritical if you didn't.

But then where is the outrage over the average cop walking around with M16s or their brand name BushMaster??

Nothing so far eh?!

Get your saggy man-breasts on the job!

At 27/5/08 12:31 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about the political pressure? This case was the biggest political football for weeks. And Helen Clark especially just can't stop putting her oar in. She is likely to further damage the Police by forcing an ill advised prosecution of Macsyne. I have to wonder if they would have prosecuted Chris in the first place if not for the weight of public expectation.

The defence medical expert agreed with the crown that the fit that occurred when Chris was in the nursery could well have been caused by a head injury inflicted immediately before by Chris. What was critical though was that he was also open to the possibility that it was a delayed reaction to an earlier injury inflicted by Macsyne . To buy that you have to believe she did it without anyone seeing or noticing the babies condition for several hours until poor Chris was left literally holding the seizing baby. Possible sure (hence not guilty) but a less likely IMO outcome than the crown's scenario.

Your logic fails since you assume that because Chris cannot be conclusively proved to have done it that Macsyne must have done it. Anyone with half a brain can see that a case where she gets tried will also return a not guilty verdict. The reason is that he has not actually been declared "innocent" as he claims merely not guilty. The tragedy is that he might actually be innocent but nobody is going to be able to prove it without further evidence.

At 27/5/08 12:46 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, for a start Bomber should direct his anger at the person responsible for the injuries those babies suffered. Or perhaps the family for not coming forward and speaking to police, perhaps providing evidence that would have help to get a guilty verdict.

A public enquiry should be launched to get to the bottom of this.

And please no more about Bombers man boobs that makes me feel sick.


At 27/5/08 1:04 pm, Blogger Barnsley Bill said...

Putting aside the sickening delay in actually getting started on the investigation, this case has followed an all to common pattern by the police over recent years.
They make a quick decision on who they think they can convict and then try and build a case. As opposed to investigating with an open mind and then using the evidence to lay charges.

At 27/5/08 1:43 pm, Anonymous Avenger said...

Bomber, have you become an apologist for Maori criminals?

At 27/5/08 4:19 pm, Blogger BigGirlsBlouse said...

This whole Kahui Case was a dirty dirty setup by the cops to try and change the law which gives us the right to silence. The Police Association are fucken arseholes.

Eeeeeewwwwwww, please don't go getting your man boobs out guys, I' probably vomit. I feel ill just thinking about it.....

At 27/5/08 4:29 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another poorly written hysterical rant you would associate with a teenager rather than a grown man. How embarrassing.

And Bomber tell me, what evidence arose during the trial that would prove Mascynas guilt? Thats right none, so what exactly would be the point of putting her on trial.

And it was Geoffery Palmer, you know the ex PM and law expert who came out and suggested we need to look at removing the right to silence.

What clearly needs to be adopted in this country is the English approach in which suspects are told that

"you do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court. Anything you say may be given in evidence."

That way we can avoid the ridiculous scenario where criminals can collude with lawyers to pervert the court of justice and invent fanciful excuses and alibi's which they have 6 or so months to create and use none of which they have to disclose to the Police prior to court.

At 27/5/08 8:14 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

They played the system like pros and won. it goes to show all you nobends what happens if your not intimidated by the police and instead just SHUT-THE-FUCK-UP! when your in the cells! this country has a bunch of amateur criminals that squeal as soon as cops get a hold of em. maoris youd be suprised to know are the worst. youd never think it

At 27/5/08 10:14 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"This idiot prosecution has denied those two little babies justice, Police stupidity I can accept, denying murdered infants justice and then wanting to deny the rest of us our cornerstone legal rights is beyond a joke."

There is nothing in this post about the kahui family and their attempts to pervert the course of justice by protecting the real killer.

Oh no it's all the polices fault.

I don't sense much genuine feeling for the victims here from you bomber.
You're not interested in justice for the two dead babies, they are simply a tool to be used so you can castigate the police.


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