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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dog whistle blogging: nz blogosphere shake-down

The list is complete.

Congratulations to those achieving the highest rankings do not have to be given, nor will they be in this case... and certainly not by me. We should be Number 1. The fact we are not haunts me and taints my mood somewhat.

I do actually agonise that this time there will be a simple and massively obvious fault. Bitching about the methodology I encourage, but a major cock-up, well, let's not even think about it.

It feels like I have failed as a human being because this blog is not in the top ten. I do take it personally. It's disappointing. It's not my fault that I'm viewed by our key demographics as being an insane, radical, anti-semite, Maori-lover, thieving, prisoner-whore, or that Mr Bradbury is a fat, lefty, peacenik, traitor, fag. But they are an important sector of the market, these people who view us in those terms, and they will be going ballistic as we edge closer to the election. They will be insufferably smug and taunting as Labour's woes compound. I expect to see them rage through the blogosphere, and they will meet the mobolised and terrified left at the burning barricades of the comments sections. I think a lot of the audience will be increasingly partisan.

OK, over-opinionated geek-heads fellow bloggers, the public humiliation/vindication starts here.

March-April 2008 Survey

Please note the new formula used:

TRAFFIC (Average daily unique visits)
+ INCOMING LINKS (Technorati "Authority")
+ POSTS (Average posts per week)
+ COMMENTS (Average highest commented post per week)

The old ttlb/Truth Laid Bear data was always fucked. Fucked. It always was screwy. So I dumped it and just use the Technorati Authority which seems to do a good job and is available for just about all types of blogs. Comments have been added as part of the equation to support the idea that comments are an important part of blogging; and the posts with the most comments in each week are averaged because that information is comfortably ascertained and the figure produced is in a similar range to the ttlb scores.

I think quality is generally reflected in the rankings and the scores - to a degree. I don't think that people would ever say the bottom ten or twenty or even the middle ten or twenty could ever match the top ten or twenty. I don't think the scores are misleading as such, but they do reflect social and political groupings and networks of personal friends and narrow tastes. So editorial content may be superlative, but if the subject matter is religious - to use a pertinent example - then no matter how eloquent the prose or lucid the argument it will never attract a wide an audience as someone who sticks pictures of chicks with guns on every day will have - to use another pertinent example.

So from viewing all these blogs I found a few that I thought were substantially under-appreciated by the masses:

#26 In a strange land - she's a bleeding heart white liberal feminist, but I like reading her, it's like exploring uncharted territory.
#34 Liberty Scott - think: Idiot/Savant's style, Trevor Loudon's research, Peter Cresswell's thinking.
#35 Hot Topic - the climate change blog is getting hotter, was previously at #68.
#42 The visible hand in economics - economic boffins from infometrics... OK that sounded apretty lame... it probably is at fair value. I think it's interesting - maybe that's just me.
#45 Kotare - The Strategist - he's just so thoroughly woody you start smelling pipe smoke when you're reading it.
#48 Aotearoa a wider perspective - in this day and age of conspiracy this is the conspiracy HQ and I thought this type of thing would be a lot more popular. Not that I'm endorsing anything on there - it's nutty.
#49 Reading the Maps - so easy to be sucked into reading this - start anywhere.
#55 The Hand Mirror - feminist bloggers... it's like listening to adults talk when you're a child hiding under the table.
#56 Gonzo Freak Power - loved his stuff on the railways.
#61 Political Passion - Liz Shaw is a very modern woman. She shares everything on her blog - bills, politics, what she did at lunch, what she thinks about her stalkers, personal shit, everything. She may be the next topless news blogger.
#66Oswald Bastable's Ranting - Mr Bradbury's nemisis - a daily steaming letter to the editor from Garth George's misanthropic younger brother.
#74 Media Law Journal - very niche, but very relevant to bloggers.
#99 Distractions - he covers art without being arty, and has some great NZ images.
100+ Concerned of Linwood - some great, classic, shoot-from-the-hip anti-National take-downs.
100+ Barnsley Bill - a lot of piercing and succinct commentary, a lot of well-used invective- appropriately styled.
100+ Against the current - I love how much he hates the Mayor of Christchurch, "Sideshow Bob", I hate him too now too. This blog will make you love to hate him. Not since the Michael Laws-watch blog has an obsessional fixation bordering on stalking been made into an art form.
100+ Contradiction - I haven't really gotten into it because it's pretty solidly left stuff, but it looks impressive... if you're that way inclined.
100+ Kiwi back in Sydney - this guy is a great all-rounder. He can write. I feel threatened by how well he writes and what he covers. He ought to be in the top 25, not in the bottom 25.

A few who just need encouragement:
Blair Mulholland - If he was a candidate standing in the upcoming general election it might help... if he knew what party he was in this month might also be helpful.
Rodney Hide - He's still faffing around, psychologically disengaged I think is what they call it nowdays. Just happy to be the MP for Epsom and not much more. Can't be bothered blogging now. He used to do it every day. Now he's probably getting laid every day! That would explain EVERYTHING.
Born On State Highway One - ex-Craccum editors who don't have the discipline of the weekly deadline are in danger of editorial atrophy.

If anyone knows of any blogs that were missed in this survey please put the name and a link in the comments section.

Thank you all, dear bloggers, for providing such interesting and distracting free content.


At 20/5/08 6:02 am, Anonymous Legio X said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 20/5/08 6:53 am, Anonymous feminazi said...

I'm going to start my own blog and I hope it pisses everyone off. Every feminist blog I've seen is fucken boring and all they talk about is children and home crafts.

At 20/5/08 7:42 am, Anonymous travellerev said...

Dear Tim,

Thank you for promoting my Aotearoa blog.
Boy do kiwis live in lala land or what. Both the left and the right.

Which is why I have on request, can you please remove the left tag on the list. I am neither left nor right, I live in the next paradigm, it is called reality and I work together with people from all over the political spectrum from all over the world to point to that.

Buildings do not pulverise into dust because of kerosene or small fires
Wake up dear, and smell the roses while you still can.

At 20/5/08 8:14 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a pompous arse this trevellerev is.

I wonder if the "next paradigm" is filled with other bored house wives with too much time on their hands. It sounds awful.

At 20/5/08 8:34 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Buildings do not pulverise into dust because of kerosene or small fires

No but having a jumbo jet flown into them at speed usually helps. Next thing you'll be telling us all the Jew who worked in the twin towers were warned not to show up on 9/11. I hope your pathetic conspircay theories keep you warm in the "next paradigm" you sad freak.

At 20/5/08 10:24 am, Blogger Uroskin said...

I'm again kinda relieved I'm not on the list

At 20/5/08 11:18 am, Anonymous helengrad said...

I think most male bloggers are just pompous arseholes.

At 20/5/08 12:19 pm, Blogger Tim Selwyn said...

Uroskin: I almost did. I think it's just a prejudice about mixing porn and blogging that stops me. That's my fault - not yours. I'll have to have another look and reconsider.

As for the paradigm of Left-Right : that is where we are and that is the orthodox and most widely understood description on ideological distinction. It is meaningful and it is useful. I'll have to have another look at travellerev's situation.

At 20/5/08 1:07 pm, Anonymous illuminatedtiger said...

Good to see common sense prevailed when it came to ranking Public-Address over Whaleoil. Public-Address also won the Best Blog award in the recent Net Guide! Good show.

At 20/5/08 1:32 pm, Blogger Dave Gee said...

Good work Tim on compiling and updating this long list. I have discovered a number of new kiwi blogs to read this year because of your efforts!

At 20/5/08 2:06 pm, Blogger Uroskin said...

Tim: I trust I can use your comment as an endorsement?

At 20/5/08 5:24 pm, Anonymous travellerev said...


Give yourself 6 minutes and watch this video:


Not many people know that a third building collapsed in New Zealand because it was only shown on that day and most Kiwi's would have been in bed at the time because it collapsed 6 hours after the two twin towers.
It was a building of 47 floors, some 130 m high. It contained CIA headquarters HSA offices, the bunker of Giuliani and other assorted secret agency offices. This was WTC 7. It had only small fires and no damage supporting a collapse theory. In fact it is not mentioned in the 911 rapport and until today there has not been an official explanation as to why it collapsed or how. It collapsed in 6.5 sec. That is free fall speed, not a collapse. it turned into dust and into it's own food print.

The two towers were build with an 747 impact in mind and yet they also turned into dust.
The pulverisation into fine powder that at the moment is killing thousands of the first responders (remember those fine human beings the heroes of 911) simply could not occurred. It is in contradiction with Newtons laws and the laws of physics.

Four independent laboratories have found thermite in samples of the dust from the building. Thermite is used in the demolition industry.
In fact it was thermate a military grade form of thermite the army use for demolitions.

By the way I am female not a freak and I have never had a bored day in my life.

About the Jew thing; what gets me is that angry people like yourself have absolutely no compunction believing that 19 young Arabs (also semites like the Jews)would be evil enough to pull something like 911 even if it is impossible. In Europe were i come from this is what leaders used to set people up against Jews. Hence the term anti Semitism.

I think it is vile and evil but there you have it. Our leaders used the same technique to make us hate an even bigger Semitic population so they could wage war against them.

I don't hate Jews and don't hate Arabs I have both Jewish and Arab friends.

Tim how about; other

At 20/5/08 5:58 pm, Anonymous Kotare said...

Hi Tim

Thanks for mentioning my blog The Strategist - I appreciate the plug.

Talking about being even more "woody", I've started another blog, called Diary of an Outdoorsman, which concentrates on nature photography, hunting, bird watching etc.


Once again, cheers!


At 20/5/08 6:14 pm, Blogger Julie said...

Thanks for the big ups Tim, much appreciated.

At 20/5/08 6:48 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a bunch of sycophants.

At 20/5/08 6:52 pm, Anonymous helengrad said...

travellerev, your site is boring and it sucks. The only blog I find halfway decent was The Hand Mirror. The rest of you are pathetic and just make me feel so superior.

At 20/5/08 8:00 pm, Blogger Ruth said...

Have we figured out who has the biggest ~member~ yet?

Good lord who cares. Enjoy the readership you have. And technorati is not god - lots of blogs are not even indexed on it.

This is the Roll Call Of The Lame.

At 20/5/08 9:51 pm, Anonymous helengrad said...

ruth, I think your blog is pretty lame as well. I'll pop in soon and say hello.

At 20/5/08 11:21 pm, Anonymous Kiwi Back in Sydney said...

You said these nice things about me:

"100+ Kiwi back in Sydney - this guy is a great all-rounder. He can write. I feel threatened by how well he writes and what he covers. He ought to be in the top 25, not in the bottom 25."

..and it was a nice thing to say. Bring a tear to a brass eye, as they say. I'd like to point out though, just for the record, that I am not a man. I am a lady. You know, like the ones mentioned in comments above: homecrafts, feminism, feminist homecrafts, that sort of thing.

I also liked your description of:

"The Hand Mirror - feminist bloggers... it's like listening to adults talk when you're a child hiding under the table."

Really quite true. And I like their blog too which I wouldn't have known about it if you hadn't put it on here. That one and many others. So thanks.

At 21/5/08 10:24 am, Blogger Deborah said...

Thanks, Tim. "White liberal bleeding heart feminist" - I would object, except that, well, that's probably a fair enough description.

Ka kite ano

At 21/5/08 1:33 pm, Anonymous Paul said...

Cheers guys, always like reading your stuff too.

Shoot from the hip is a little generous, more like taking a machine gun and hoping that a target is somewhere in the 360° range.


At 20/6/08 7:44 pm, Anonymous Lita said...

What about lil ole me? Jeesh, is my wee blog not geeky enough?

Ta for the list, tres handy.


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