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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Chris Kahui NOT GUILTY - what is going on in Police Prosecutions?

Kahui not guilty - but dead sons still 'cry from grave'
UPDATED: Chris Kahui has been found not guilty of the murders of his twin sons, but their blood "still cries from the grave for justice", a family spokesman said today.

Three-month-old Chris and Cru Kahui died in June 2006 as a result of massive head injuries.

Jurors this afternoon took about 10 minutes to find their father not guilty of two counts of murder and two counts of manslaughter.

My God - 10 MINUTES? That suggests that this case should never have been prosecuted if it took the Jury only 10 minutes, this follows real questions over the way the Police prosecuted this case, they would have seen the same evidence, was the plan to eliminate him as a suspect so the mother could be put on trial - will she now be put on trial? Very shoddy work by the Police.

Kahui case policework a disaster says lawyer
Police investigating the death of the Kahui twins ignored significant evidence against their mother, Macsyna King, and went after their father Chris Kahui instead, a jury heard yesterday. Kahui's defence lawyer, Lorraine Smith, told the jury in the High Court at Auckland during her closing address that the police investigation had been a disaster. The jury will today begin to decide if Kahui is guilty of killing his twin baby sons, Cru and Chris. Mrs Smith will finish her closing address this morning before Justice Geoffrey Venning sums up. The jury will then begin deliberations. Mrs Smith said police focused too much on early medical opinion, since challenged, and ignored significant evidence against Ms King. "The whole police investigation was, I suggest, a disaster." Police ignored "obvious pointers" such as the old injuries suffered by the twins although she was their main caregiver and had failed to notice they had 18 broken ribs between them. The twins were not victims of a one-off assault but had historic injuries, and it was "suspicious" their mother was not aware of these.


At 22/5/08 4:01 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is your racist system Bomber?
Your "if you're brown, you go down longer" system?

Here have a family of utter scum who have refused to cooperate with the police, and let some fucking mongrel - with its the mother, father or someone else - get away with murdering to innocent babies.

They are an absolute blight on humanity and it fucking pisses me off that they have given all the people that Bomber hates so much sticks to bash all Maori with.

This isn't a racist system, it's a system on the verge of collapse where all you need to do to trip the cops up is to get your friends and family to not cooperate with the police, they don't seem to know what to do after that. You can bet we'll see more of this bullshit in future.

At 22/5/08 4:15 pm, Anonymous stinky said...

To quote the Judge, (who was at the trial) as opposed to Bomber, who wasnt - criticisms of the police investigation are red herrings.

At 22/5/08 4:20 pm, Anonymous Ben R said...

Well, longtime defence lawyer Kevin Ryan QC himself said that the right to silence is outdated (prior to his retirement around when this case first made headlines).

He pointed out that the right came about in an age when many people were illiterate, there was no legal aid and people wouldn't have Counsel.

I tend to agree with him. If people won't talk there will be more of these cases of domestic abuse/child abuse where people cover up.

"But in another case, the death three years ago of 4-month-old Alyssa Wilson, lack of co-operation from family members clearly hampered police efforts to bring a successful prosecution. Alyssa's father, Joseph Wilson, was charged with manslaughter but two trials ended with hung juries.

Last year a third trial was aborted after one of Mr Wilson's relatives spoke to a juror. The Crown decided not to proceed with a fourth trial."


At 22/5/08 4:22 pm, Anonymous Avenger said...

Another Maori criminal at large.

At 22/5/08 4:25 pm, Anonymous helengrad said...

The defence introduced enough reasonable doubt and the jury couldn't possibly come back with a not guilty verdict. If they charge Macsyna, the defence will suggest Chris Kahui is the killer. I don't think the police will charge anyone else. We will never ever know what really happened to the twins.

At 22/5/08 4:37 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

Are the top 4 of you claiming he is guilty? It took the Jury 10 minutes guys, I appreciate you want to vent about dem brown folk, but a 10 minute jury turn around suggests that this case was never that solid - forget the right to silence as a reason this case fell over, right from the start the defence claim the Police had it wrong - now will she be charged?

At 22/5/08 4:41 pm, Anonymous nznative said...

.......... wll it would hardly be fair to lock up chris for a life lag if it was the mother who killed them and was the baby beater.

........ suffer the little children

At 22/5/08 4:41 pm, Anonymous Avenger said...

Bomber I was refering to the "mother", the murderer.

Regardless of race, both of them are scum.

At 22/5/08 4:52 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here have a family of utter scum who have refused to cooperate with the police, and let some fucking mongrel - *whether* its the mother, father or someone else - get away with murdering to innocent babies.

No I'm not saying he's guilty, excuse the typo

They are an absolute blight on humanity and it fucking pisses me off that they have given all the people that Bomber hates so much sticks to bash all Maori with.

How is this venting on dem brown folk?

I agree with Ben R - the family shouldn't be allowed to clam up to prevent the course of justice.

At 22/5/08 5:08 pm, Blogger BigGirlsBlouse said...

Not surprised at the verdict, was what I was expecting.

At 22/5/08 5:29 pm, Blogger peterquixote said...

The judge at the "Sila" murder trial [ In Christchurch where the accused ran his car into party crowd ] gave fairly stringent requirements to find guilt in murder trials. Look for acquittal here too.

For instance you can cause death by brutal attack force, but it seems there has to be an element of intention and understanding of the outcome of death.
It means the law can not socially politicise cases.
To do murder you have to be of murderous intent.
In the Kahui case, I wondered if methyl amphetamine was involved in
changing normal minds into crazy minds. Surely at the very least this is manslaughter.

I think the jury saw this changed man who really never did mean to kill anything, whether he did or not.
I tend to agree Bomber our cops are not very bright.

At 22/5/08 6:20 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

they played the system like fucking pros and deserve the verdict they got wether or not they were guilty.i hope you all learn from this-when in custody-SHUT-THE-FUCK-UP! this is what you get if you do

At 22/5/08 7:41 pm, Blogger Barnsley Bill said...

The saddest part of this whole debacle is the plod who ran the police team has said today that the case is now closed and they are not going to collar anybody else for this crime.
The mother of six is free to shit out another one now.
needs another police team to review the whole fuckup and see whether there is any case for king to answer.
Unlikely that it would get a fair trial though after the whooping she took during the trial.

At 22/5/08 7:55 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only thing this verdict shows is what a flawed justice system we have weighed so heavily in the criminals favour, and also what a sham our welfare system is which gives monetary incentive to families like this to breed.

It's also rather pathetic but entirely predictable that Bomber is gloating at the verdict and taking another opportunity to attack the Police, forgetting entirely that two young babies are dead and the person who most likely killed them walks free.

At 23/5/08 5:31 pm, Anonymous nznative said...

The verdict showed 'reasonable doubt'.

The response by a few posters on here seems to be a call to facisim.

......... the nazis had the right answers according to some.

At 25/5/08 8:21 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey barnsley newsflash: how do you think the crown can bring a prosecution against the mother after saying they didnt believe she was responsible, but that chris was?? hello??!! not possible.


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