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Friday, May 30, 2008

'Bizarre' situation of fish processed in China then shipped back

'Bizarre' situation of fish processed in China then shipped back
The Green Party finds it bizarre that fish caught in New Zealand was being shipped to China for processing before the finished product was brought back to New Zealand for sale. "News that Talleys Group Ltd ships gutted fish to China for thawing, processing and re-chilling, only to ship it back to New Zealand for sale undermines both the prime minister's goal of carbon neutrality and kiwi workers' jobs," Green Party co-leader Jeanette Fitzsimons said. She believed the free trade deal New Zealand had signed with China, where wages were lower and workers did not have the same rights to organise as in New Zealand, would only lead to more "such bizarre situations".

How is this excusable? We are shipping fish to China for them to process them and then shipping them back???????? In terms of sustainability and cutting back on food miles this is insane, by being simply a producer of raw products aren’t we little better than the African countries China exploits?


At 30/5/08 9:10 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolute madness.

At 30/5/08 10:30 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Madness? I guarantee it's an entirely rational economic decision. The only madness comes from people who would implement knee jerk bans on anything they don't like without a thought for the likely consequences.

Any NZer who takes the food miles scam seriously is an economic traitor. If you want to commit economic suicide then please trumpet to all of humanity that buying our biggest exports is bad for the planet. If you want to be rational then point to that Lincoln Uni study showing food miles don't even come close to showing the full story.

At 30/5/08 11:29 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Leaving out the food miles question completely. I find it hard to believe that fish can be shipped to China then back to NZ for consumption without fucking someone over (either NZ factory workers who lose their jobs or underpaid Chinese factory workers who are being exploited).

A truly sound and moral economic decision would take into account social as well as monetary factors.


At 30/5/08 11:57 am, Anonymous Avenger said...

It may sound bizarre, but must make perfect economic sense, otherwise wouldn't be happening.

That's the way a capitalist market works, isn't it?

At 31/5/08 2:52 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nah - This is normal for Talley - he is a big Wanker.

A most arogant & obtuse man to be sure.

At 31/5/08 3:50 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

no way guys! we send stuff to china to get done because its cheaper and we dont have pollution controls yet your dumb enough to believe that the same thing wont happen when we introduce the new carbon tax with all the steel mills etc?

At 4/6/08 1:41 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone stop to think the fish may not be so fresh having travelled all that way. Sort of puts me off buying it...



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