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Friday, May 23, 2008

American Military-Industrial Complex open for business

Iraqi forces load up on U.S. arms
WASHINGTON — Iraq is becoming one of the largest customers for U.S. arms, as the country turns from Soviet-bloc weapons to pricier but more sophisticated American weapons. Iraq's government has committed nearly $3 billion for U.S. weapons and equipment over the past year. "This is a substantial amount of money that they put on the table," said Joseph Benkert, deputy assistant secretary of Defense for global security affairs. The increase in Iraqi arms and equipment purchases has helped makers of such U.S. military staples as the Humvee, the Pentagon's workhorse vehicle, and the M-4 and M-16 rifles, military contract records show. That puts Iraq among the top current purchasers of U.S. military equipment through the foreign military sales program, records show. Benkert said the deals are helping to cement the future relationship of Iraq to the United States.

I’ve heard of exporting arms for sales, but this is ridiculous - America invades Iraq, a former client state who received weapons of mass destruction to wage war against Iran whom America had been kicked out of because America had committed a coup in Iran to overthrow the democratic leader who wanted oil for Iran and not for the West and had planted the dictator Shar, they manufacture an invasion of Iraq based on a pack of lies sold to the post 9/11 shocked American public with flag wanking Fox News propaganda AND NOW America makes $3 billion by selling the very country they invaded more guns – we are truly in a post irony world.


At 23/5/08 8:54 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder how the American soldiers feel knowing they're being shot and killed by guns made in America.


At 23/5/08 11:09 am, Anonymous Tee said...

Err what weapons of Mass destruction did the US supply to Iraq when it was a 'client state'?

At 23/5/08 1:47 pm, Blogger Chris said...

NS - the Iraqi central government isnt fighting America, Iraqi 'insurgents' are. But still your comment is true considering the high rate of Iraqi Army desertions.

Why is it shocking that the US is behaving like a rational actor pursuing their strategic interests? This doesnt seem like post-irony to me; unless post-irony is just lack of morality.

At 23/5/08 6:03 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, the Shah was making drastic changes that infuriated religious moslems.Land reforms reduced the clergy's revenues, women were given the rights to vote and divorce, and a policy of co-education was introduced.Very progressive by modern standards.But these changes were interpreted by conservative Moslems as encouraging moral corruption.Young men supported Khomeini in defence of Islam which the Shah seemed to be attacking.His growing megalomania made things worse.The regimes virulent attack on Khomeini in the press stirred a violent reaction followed by large demonstrations the Shah could not suppress.The Shah had lost touch with the people, just like Dr.Cullen telling us godless aetheists were all fools to BELIEVE?

(Ayatollah Khomeini, p197/The Tyrants.)


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