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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Vector sale to Chinese: where is Key?

Michael Cullen is being politically tone deaf as well as inconsistent on refusing to consider the sale of Wellington's electricity lines to a Hong Kong outfit as "strategic". His subterfuge over whether the asset is on sensitive land is of course blatantly spurious - any monopoly network having a system of easements across every street in the capital city would meet anyone's criteria of strategic... except for Michael Cullen that is. The government's action over Auckland Airport and inaction over Vector is hypocrisy pure and simple. But the question I'm asking is where is John Key and the National party on this issue? Are they that dithering and strategically inept they cannot respond forcefully on what ought to be solid, well-worn National party territory. We have silence instead. This is bread-and-butter stuff one would have thought, and they have missed an easy intercept.


At 5/5/08 1:32 am, Anonymous illuminatedtiger said...

John Key is living it up in his Hawaiian beach house.


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