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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Key downloads top quality electorate porn

Rules may change under Nats' broadband policy
National leader John Key has not ruled out the possibility of using regulations to get Telecom to play ball with the party's proposed national fibre optic network. Mr Key unveiled National's broadband policy yesterday, saying an "ultra-high-speed" network was critical to economic growth. National would make the government a cornerstone shareholder by putting up $1.5 billion and introducing new telecommunications regulations. Mr Key said no one had firmly fixed the cost of a national fibre network, but mid-range estimates are $3 billion to $5 billion. A recent New Zealand Institute study has estimated the cost would be $4 billion to $5 billion. Though details are scant, the plan is to roll out fibre to the homes of 75 per cent of New Zealanders. In the first six years, priority would be given to businesses, schools, hospitals and clinics. Funding would also be provided for a mix of fibre, satellite and wireless broadband for remote areas.

Bloody good idea, it makes National look forward thinking (although Bill English ruled this very idea out last year), and it addresses the slow connection bugbear of many urban folk, the very electorate National are trying to target, and it starts to pave the way for us to use the kind of internet speeds we need for NZ to be competitive in the online economy of tomorrow. Issues are who would own the lines as a $1.5Billion dollar subsidy for Telecom doesn’t sound very free market National values and GOD FORBID Telecom gets back into a position of dominance again – but these are details – this is smart politics!


At 23/4/08 7:45 pm, Blogger peterquixote said...

bomber reckons,
GOD FORBID Telecom gets back into a position of dominance again

I would say bomber, I hereby register as hospital for various strays, we get fast downloads of them HDV films of girls mn things what we like to watch, clear pictures of theirs knickers and that bomber


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