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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

All the canaries in the coalmine are dead

Birds no longer flock to Britain
Many of the birds that migrate to Britain and Europe from Africa every spring, from the willow warbler to the cuckoo, are undergoing alarming declines, research shows. The falls in numbers are so sharp and widespread that ornithologists are waking up to a major new environmental problem - the possibility that the whole system of bird migration between Africa and Europe is running into trouble. No one knows the reasons for these disappearances, which may be many and complex, although theories being actively discussed include habitat degradation in Africa and climate change. But they are pointing firmly to the possibility that, after millions of years as one of the most spectacular shows in the natural world, the Afro-European bird migration system is going fundamentally wrong.

Just as there is a 80% decline in honeybees in America or the massive mutations of frogs there are some fundemntal corruptions occurring in the natural world of which we have no real idea what the ramifications will be, but such major disruptions are merely symptoms of some type of ecological collapse that we can be certain will deeply effect us, it’s like all the canaries in the coalmine are dead.


At 23/4/08 12:41 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

might help if they stopped eating them...


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