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Thursday, March 27, 2008


From the Treasury's Budget summary, and what appears to be a Labour political theme package of Vote: National Identity. These figures are for the next 4 years.

So they admit national identity has something to do with Maori, and then they label the entire thing "reconciliation." It's fine to admit that we need reconciliation, but to put the real amount at only $4m? And that's cosmetic applications such as "cultural redress" never, ever "economic redress" - which might be a contingent liability of the government imposed "fiscal envelope" of $1 billion for everything deemed "historic" ie. before the fiscal envelope (1992?). But the total quantifiable liabilities on the Crown's books are $5.2 billion - so if the fiscal envelope is included it still only represents under one-fifth of the total. Very small beer.

Note the Waitangi Tribunal bureaucracy gets more than redress.

If they were serious about "reconciliation" they would have budgeted a lot more than they have. This permanent relegation is why Labour is on course to lose the remaining Maori seats.


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far as I see dude yous don't worry, you Television Maori station do well as is, and you want to be careful about overfunding and losing original vigour,peterquixote


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