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Monday, March 17, 2008

Foreign born residents over one-third of population in all 16 urban Auckland electorates

Parliamentary Services have put up the electorate stats (Hat tip: Kiwiblog).


They have some maps too. I was shocked to learn that Pt Chevalier has gone from Auckland Central (where it has been for all of my memory) to Mt Albert's Clarkistan.

Annoyingly they don't count citizens and non-citizens because citizenship means very little in this country, but they do count where people are born though. The number of foreign born people in Auckland is immense.

Birthplace of Usually Resident New Zealand Population:

NZ: 47.9%, Overseas: 49.0%, Not specified: 3.1%
Mt Roskill
NZ: 46.1%, Overseas: 48.2%, Not specified: 5.7%
East Coast Bays:
NZ: 52.2%, Overseas: 45.6%, Not specified: 2.2%
NZ: 53.4%, Overseas: 44.1%, Not specified: 2.5%
Manukau East
NZ: 51.9%, Overseas: 40.3%, Not specified: 7.8%
NZ: 58.3%, Overseas: 37.9%, Not specified: 3.8%
Mt Albert:
NZ: 57.6%, Overseas: 37.6%, Not specified: 4.7%
NZ: 53.5%, Overseas: 37.4%, Not specified: 9.1%
New Lynn
NZ: 57.5%, Overseas: 36.8%, Not specified: 5.7%
NZ: 59.5%, Overseas: 36.0%, Not specified: 4.5%
North Shore
NZ: 61.0%, Overseas: 36.0%, Not specified: 2.9%
NZ: 60.5%, Overseas: 35.5%, Not specified: 4.4%
Auckland Central
NZ: 55.8%, Overseas: 33.5%, Not specified: 10.7%
NZ: 62.7%, Overseas: 33.0%, Not specified: 4.2%
NZ: 61.2%, Overseas: 31.0%*, Not specified: 7.8%
NZ: 63.3%, Overseas: 30.0%*, Not specified: 6.6%

The outer districts:

NZ: 73.6%, Overseas: 20.6%, Not specified: 5.7%
NZ: 70.9%, Overseas: 25.1%, Not specified: 4.0%
NZ: 67.2%, Overseas: 28.2%, Not specified: 4.6%
NZ: 75.5%, Overseas: 18.8%, Not specified: 5.7%

The poorer areas have a higher rate of "Not specified". Overstayers? Esp. Auckland Central and all the overseas students.
* Because the "Not specified" is higher than average the overseas born must be at least 33%.
I understand that the Maori electorate stats cannot be separated out and so everyone is included in the above population stats.

Immigration is at colonial levels. How can anyone doubt that from the figures.

When people in Auckland ask "where are you from?" and I say I was born in Auckland and my parents lived here and so did/do my grandparents they immediately remark about how rare that is. Most people who are NZ born Auckland residents, I know, were not born in Auckland. The actual Auckland born population of Auckland is probably well under 50%, perhaps around 25-35%. What sense of history and community do people have if the original population is a minority? Who's "Robbie"?

One of the more disturbing parts of having such high levels of immigration is that according to their figures 91.2% of people can speak English in New Zealand. Which means 8.8% can't speak English.


At 17/3/08 2:33 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh no! Foreigners are taking over Auckland! To help ease your mind over these 'shocking' stats Tim, I was born in South Africa - so Im part of these statistics. However I've lived 98% of my life here and Im completely indistinguishable from a 4th-gen NZer like yourself. Its actually quite fun having a casual conversation with people about how there are too many foreigners here, and then revealing I was born in Vanderbijlpark, Transvaal.

At 17/3/08 3:00 pm, Blogger Rich said...

And why do you assume people are somehow better because they were born here?

At 17/3/08 3:46 pm, Blogger Tim Selwyn said...

I make no such assumption. Robbie was born in Sheffield, he was a great man.

Some of the stats include people who moved here by their parents when they were only a few months old, others might include a 101 year old who moved here last year etc.

At 17/3/08 6:32 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you shouldn't acknowledge or tip your hat to the garbage that comes out of kiwiblog,
steal it by all means but not tip hat to that sludge journal,

At 18/3/08 1:11 pm, Blogger Tim Selwyn said...

PQ: My misguided sense of fair play? BTW, I put on some of your DVDs at a party - quite the talking point :)

At 19/3/08 5:55 pm, Anonymous tim "pride" shore said...

As long as the immigrants bring money/skills/desire to work, no problem.

No more criminals and dole bludgers, however.

At 20/3/08 10:33 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

'What sense of history and community do people have if the original population is a minority?,'

I'm part of a great westie community and would do better than a lot of NZborn kiwis in an NZ history quiz. I'm also interested in NZ. Is this totally irrelevant just cos I wasn't born here?


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