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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Police Association unhappy at Burton report

Police Association unhappy at Burton report
The Police Association says a report criticising police for their handling of the Graeme Burton case lacks context. The Independent Police Conduct Authority has looked at Burton's bloody rampage through Lower Hutt's eastern hills, and events between that and his release on parole six months earlier. It says the police response to two warrants issued for Burton's arrest in the weeks prior to his rampage was unsatisfactory. Association Vice-President Chris Cahill says given the Authority is only mandated to examine police, there is little scrutiny of other agencies even though they had a clear impact on police. He says police take their role in ensuring public safety from paroled offenders seriously, but responsibility for monitoring and managing them does not rest solely with police.

Yes but it is the role of the Police to arrest people who breach their parole conditions, and for Chris Cahill to be calling ‘unfair cop’ is arse, In the report the judge points out that “Few officers knew the warrants existed, none took ownership of the situation, and there was an unreasonable delay before police stepped up their efforts to find Burton.” Now while the cops claim that it is probations responsibility to recall prisoners, the report notes that the Police refused to give probations any intelligence on Burton , yet used trhe same intelligence in their own application for search warrents, so while the Police try and distance themselves from the responsibility of not arresting Burton when they should have by claiming its probations responsibility, they also get caught out not helping probations with the intelligence to catch him.

All of this is bullshit to the families Burton killed and harmed.


At 26/2/08 1:36 pm, Blogger Rich said...

Also, you have to ask why those cops missed his head by over a metre.

Back to the range, I reckon.


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