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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

'No excuses' for ops scandal (but here are some anyway)

'No excuses' for ops scandal (but here are some anyway)
Health Minister David Cunliffe apologised yesterday for a "litany of preventable errors" that led to a rogue surgeon carrying out a series of botched sterilisations on women in Wanganui. A report by Health and Disability Commissioner Ron Paterson described as "a sorry saga" the sterilisations performed by Dr Roman Hasil, whose previous record in Australia appeared "chequered." Eight of the 32 women on whom Dr Hasil performed laparoscopic sterilisation, or tubal ligations, in 2005 and 2006 failed, with six becoming pregnant. He did not place clips correctly on the Fallopian tubes of the eight women, presenting them with difficult decisions, Mr Paterson said. Most of the women had abortions. Dr Hasil's failure rate for tubal ligations of 25 per cent compared with an accepted rate of 0.2 per cent. Another woman who complained about Dr Hasil said she was unaware he had removed her ovaries in surgery.

How did this Dr get the job when there were serious questions about him lying to medical boards and he clearly failed gynecological exams,
QUESTION: “Dr Hasil, you’ve lied about your qualifications and failed essential exams in the field you wish to be employed in, why should we hire you”?
ANSWER: “You are a shitty, ill run and underfunded provincial health service desperate for someone to work for them, so you will hire me”.

He couldn’t even find a cervix on one female patient, that could’ve been a pointer for Wanganui.


At 27/2/08 8:20 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So why are the hospitals under-resourced?
Where are the NZ doctors and nurses?

Oh, thats right, off overseas to make the big fat dollars, without a flying fuck about working in NZ hospitals.

Have you considered retraining bomber?

Thought not.
I guess we have to take what we can then.


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