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Monday, February 25, 2008

Gosh, John - button it up

John Campbell has abandoned his tie. Bad move.
It sounds like the NZ Herald's resident entertainment rumour-hag has regurgitated the official TV3 press release:
Certainly host John Campbell appears to have been enjoying the outdoor life on his extended holiday looking "taut, tanned and terrific" with a new image on screen. Campbell has also dropped his trademark expensive ties. Mark Jennings acknowledged the open necked look was no coincidence and the plan was to keep the tie in the top drawer. He said the new look was tracking well with viewers.
Bollocks! It'll be "tracking" as poorly as a heroin addict's arm. Campbell is a geeky-looking skinny white dude and ought to dress appropriately.


At 25/2/08 12:04 pm, Anonymous Lol said...

Lol. Good call

At 25/2/08 4:35 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

it's not a beer down at Galbraiths John, IT'S THE NEWS DAMMIT!

At 25/2/08 5:18 pm, Anonymous TIM MARTYN JOHN SWEATY-LOVE-TRIANGLE said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 25/2/08 11:00 pm, Blogger The ex-expat said...

I am siding with John on this one. Ties are to men what heels are to women. Uncomfortable yet necessary to be taken seriously by your gender.

At 27/2/08 8:23 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So if he wears a tie you will take him more seriously?

Boys, it's what he says, not his appearance that matters.
If you think appearance is that important then it's time for a major makeover wouldn't you think bomber?


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