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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The bag man, the yacht, the $250k for a deal with Labour and Owen Glenn

When Tariana Turia told us in 2006 that a mystery man had offered a quarter mil for the Maori party to go with Labour after the 2005 election it just sounded totally out-there. On board a yacht!? Was she tripping?

Mrs Turia said she understood the potential donor lived outside New Zealand, and had donated money to the Labour Party. "The person who spoke with us, met with him on a yacht or a boat."
Mrs Turia said she did not know if the person had also made offers to any other small parties.

And explicitly: Labour Party president Mike Williams said today that the mystery would-be donor is not Owen Glenn, the ex-pat millionaire who has given donations to Labour.

Hmmmmmmmmm... really... but it sounds like him... Hmmmmmmmmmmm...

And at the time on NRT's blog Insolent Prick was the only one to put it out there on that thread largely devoted to legalese:
There has been some speculation as to who the wealthy expatriate donor could have been. Most people believe that person to be Owen Glenn. I would be very surprised if it were him. Tariana Turia owes it to Owen Glenn to name the person behind it, so that Owen Glenn's name can be cleared. If it is Owen Glenn, then given his links to the Labour Party, the effect of that would be catastrophic to Labour.

On Kiwiblog's post just about everyone studiously avoided naming names. But not now, surely.

Now we have the Herald's Audrey Young blogging on a possible NZ First connexion. Who thought political funding could get this dodgy after the Exclusive brethren fiasco. Apparently it's Labour's turn now to go all coy. Knowing what we know now - about the MO of Owen Glenn and of Mike Williams - we must look afresh at Turia's allegations, and think... Hmmmmmmmm.


At 21/2/08 11:43 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Give Buchanan his old job back, but first there is the small matter of trust; namely why did you spend $220 million of mostly taxpayers money on a new business school if you are planning to close the doors at the end of this year?


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