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Monday, January 28, 2008

Teenager 'stabbed tagging property'

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Teenager 'stabbed tagging property'
A teenager reportedly tagging property has become the latest victim in a spate of violent killings which have marked a bloody start to 2008. The 15-year-old was found dead from stab wounds on a Manurewa street at 11.30pm on Saturday, the second such killing in the south Auckland suburb in two days, and the 10th murder in New Zealand this year. A police spokeswoman said the stabbing appeared to have happened during a heated argument between the teenager and a man in Southview Place. She said there were reports the youth was tagging a property in the street before he was stabbed.

The News media all weekend have been drawing oxygen to the “South-Auckland-youth-on-the-rampage-stabbing-one-another” summer news vacuum, but then it turns out this kid was killed by an adult because he was tagging, well that just throws a bone into the neat little paradigm we were being sold on savage youth, especially as most adults in NZ would all be secretly nodding their agreement about stabbing taggers to death. It will be interesting how the media sell this story now, my guess is that it will sink pretty quick as it aligns with the quiet desires of so many Herald readers and with the number of dumb kids doing dumb stuff it will likely get knocked off the news radar the second a south Auckland kid gets killed in a way we can publicly denounce and wag our fingers at.


At 28/1/08 12:14 pm, Anonymous Tom B said...

Radio NZ had a very odd sound bit with the dead boy's aunt - I heard it twice and I'm pretty confident it was taken in context. She said something along the lines of "it doesn't matter that he was caught tagging, he didn't deserve to die. Give him a hiding, put him in hospital sure, but this was a stabbing."

I think that speaks volumes about what's considered acceptable levels of violence in some families. It's only one person's words and she probably was trying to emphasize that killing him was an over reaction but still...

At 28/1/08 2:56 pm, Blogger Advocatus Diaboli said...

At least it's guaranteed he'll never tag again. His friends should take heed on what could happen to them. I'll be happy to donate money to his defence fund.

At 28/1/08 8:42 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unlike Bomber I used to live in Manurewa and my property was subjected to regular graphite - god knows why, and yes there were times I wanted to ‘kill’ the little pricks.

Fixing it was expensive and hard work. Criminals like tim get taxpayers money, innocent victims pay for everything themselves. I used to wonder how I would have managed if I couldn’t afford the paint or was not able-bodied enough to do the work myself. Maybe bomber will do something genuine for a change and volunteer his services (and money) to fix peoples criminal damage for them. I am sure such practical help and support would make the victims of this soul-destroying and depressing crime feel better.

Its the injustice and unfairness that gets people I think, you work hard, pay your bills and taxes, don't bother anyone and then some pricks come along and think it is their right to hurt you and steal or damage your property, and there is nothing you can do about it, its like being a doormat.

Vandals are portrayed as petty, minor criminals but what they do drags down and destroys whole districts and communities as well as indivuals.

Bomber will, no doubt, have some saintly advice on how to deal with being a target of these selfish losers (or maybe they are the winners and it is their victims who are the losers), he probably wants to kiss and hug them, take them home for tea perhaps, please share it with us because I could never learn to not mind and feel good about coming home and finding the front fence wrecked yet again.

Bomber do you have any research on how vandals affect their targets and the communities they damage. I suspect the harm to individuals and communities is a lot more serious than might be generally thought. We have one dead vandal, there will be queues of hangers-on jumping on this band-wagon, how many dead victims are there. People who are systematically hurt become suicidal, unfortunately suicide hearings are top secret so we never hear about those deaths/murders.

The true rate of murder and violence is far higher than reported, driving someone to self-harm, illness or suicide doesn't count unfortunatly.

At 29/1/08 8:08 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

so killing someone for tagging is justified is it? I hear a lot of bomber bashing, but I haven't heard you say it's wrong to kill a tagger yet anon

At 29/1/08 8:37 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hear a lot of sympathy for dead taggers but none for Krishna Naidu. Murdering a vandal is the crime of the century but murdering a dairy worker doesn't rate a mention eh?

At 29/1/08 2:53 pm, Anonymous mike laws said...

Bomber`s sympathy is always with the offender and not the victim, anon. If you read Tumeke you should have worked that out by now.

At 29/1/08 4:09 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If people choose to go out and commit serious crimes that is a very high risk occupation, I have a lot more concern for people who are harmed and killed for no reason than those who are - the authors of their own misfortune.

Pandering to criminals is not saving lives, the bombers carry a lot of responsibly for this death, they have made criminals the number one priority and made them feel invincible and special – borer wants children to vote not get a job.

If child criminals (and their useless families) faced consequences early on in their offending it would not come to this. As it is now they get away with it and have fun for years but it’s a short-term gain for a very serious long term loss. This death is very rare, most of them will end up in jail eventually but only after years of criminal activity and leaving hundreds of damaged victims in their wake. They get let off and rewarded for years before they kill someone and it’s off to jail – not for long very often but it’s a bad outcome for everybody. Then they come out and kill again – its all to little to late.

Bomber types are part of the problem, in their patronising way they expect far to little of people who they feel so superior to, in their sick world its not the poor little things fault = how condescending is that.

Hang you head in same bomer you are part of this killing.

I doubt this white murderer
will receive much love, understanding and sypathy from banger (thank goodness, he has suffered enough). Like all racists he is very selective.


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