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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Prisons 'fear inmate mutiny'

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Prisons 'fear inmate mutiny'
Corrections officers at Christchurch Men's Prison fear a mutiny, with dangerous inmates running jails while managers and senior officers "hide away", a leaked memo claims. A confidential email sent to Canterbury prisons management by Canterbury's Corrections Association New Zealand (Canz) chairman, Nigel Herring, on January 4 reveals a prison culture in a "critical stage of neglect" and calls for immediate action. Christchurch Men's Prison units Rawhiti, Kotuku and Bravo, where the most dangerous prisoners are housed, are of most concern, with gangs and dangerous prisoners "gaining ground with their heightened aggression and interest in weapons". Members were worried about a possible "insurrection", with managers offering little support and guidance, Herring said.

Hmmm, where have I heard all of this before? In 1999 Christchurch Men’s Prison set up a ‘goon squad’ of knuckle dragging thug screws specially trained to beat up rioting prisoners, they were put together (get this, you’ll love it) because apparently there was a plan by white supremacist prisoners to overthrow the prison during the ‘Millennium Bug’ power blackout. It was revealed latter that part of the ‘bonding’ of this crew of hard men goon squad members was to put their testicles on a table and allow another goon squad member to hit the testicles, I’m not sure how many Government Departments have that as an entry requirement, maybe Treasury? Of course the Millennium Bug didn’t happen and there was no white supremacist uprising, making the ‘goon squad’ dreadfully redundant, so the ‘goon squad’ turned to making trouble and on one night in Christchurch Men’s Prison they attacked prisoners in what the goon squad called a real life training exercise, during this real life training exercise they killed a prisoner, now of course the Corrections Department found the goon squad member innocent and the prisoners death was due to ‘natural causes, which is true, because if you have a persons arms around your throat, you naturally die. The Goon squad was quietly disbanded as the media started taking an interest in the story and started asking, ‘where the hell did you get your intelligence of a white supremacist uprising in the first place to justify this paramilitary thug force that ended up killing a prisoner’ – this question was never answered, but here we are again with allegations the prisoners are restless and we need new powers to deal with it. Interesting to note the man making these allegations this time, Nigel Herring the Canterbury Corrections Association New Zealand chairman was investigated in 2005 by English prison authorities after it was claimed an Asian prisoner died in gladiator-style fights between prisoners that he had organized. Herring, then a branch officer at the Prison Officers' Association in Britain, denied the allegations, saying he was the victim of a smear campaign. So guy accused of a death from gladiator styled fights between prisoners is telling us that there is an insurrection planned at a prison where the exact same claims were made 7 years ago to justify a testicle banging paramilitary goon squad who also killed a prisoner? R-I-G-H-T, and I’m skeptical WHY?


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