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Sunday, January 27, 2008


It looks like an absolute rout for Obama, with only 68% of the vote in, he is leading with 55% to Clinton's 27% - an absolute whomping - he is back in the game and looking at the record Democrat turn out once again it suggests he is reaching out to the 50% of America who doesn't bother voting, that his mesaage is attracting the disillushioned masses of the 2 party farce that is normally Fraudocracy in America. The Republicans must be worried that the Democrat votes are almost double that of the theirs. Very worried.


At 27/1/08 3:07 pm, Anonymous sdm said...

Thats all very well and good, but Obama still doesnt look like winning.

Lets go through the Super Tuesday Numbers

Alabama HC 4 BO 28
Alaska No recent polls
Arizona HC 45 BO 24
Arkansas: No polls - prolly go to Clinton
California: HC 43 BO 28
Colorado: No recent polls
Connecticut: HC 41 BO 27
George HC 33 BO 36
Idaho - No recent polls, but Barak has a shot
Illinois: No recent polls, Obama wins easy
Kansas: No recent polls
Mass. Clinton 59 BO 22
Minnisotta: No recent Polls
Missouri: HC 43 BO 22
New Jersery: HC 49 BO 32
New Mexico: No recent polls
New York: HC 47 BO 26
Okalohoma: HC 45 BO 25
Tenessee: HC 34 BO 20
Utah: No polls

So out of all those states, Obama looks like winning Illinois and maybe Georgia.

Its a delegate race - and the level of New Zealand based commentary on these elections has been poor. Yes Obama may get a bounce out of South Carolina - but she has BIG leads in the big states - New York, New Jersery, California. Winning New York and California gives Hillary over 700 delegats - 1/3 of what she needs.

Look dont get me wrong - Id vote for Barack any day of the week over Hillary, but I just cant see him winning the nomination based on these polls. But the polls can be wrong...

At 27/1/08 3:08 pm, Anonymous sdm said...

Correction: Hillarys numbers in Alabama is 43 - not 4

At 27/1/08 11:10 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hilary will win, this one is not representative.

It amazed me that people still think there is such a thing as a special leader and guru who will lead them to a promised land, there isn't its all a delusion.

As Helen Mirren says in the movie - they will turn on you as well Mr Blair. People are looking for a messiah (real or supernatural) neither exists and those who think they do either become more delusional and keep on believing (praise the lord/mother Teresa/Ghandi - all disasters, but evidence and truth stand little chance against faith and fantasy) or become disillusioned, disappointed and feel betrayed, in fact they betray themselves by looking for unicorns.

At 29/1/08 9:35 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

From Obama's SC victory speech:

“We’re up against the belief that it’s all right for lobbyists to dominate our government, that they are just part of the system in Washington. But we know that the undue influence of lobbyists is part of the problem, and this election is our chance to say that we are not going to let them stand in our way anymore.”

Could it be that Obama, cognisant of the fact that election to office is impossible without paying obeisance to AIPAC, is telling us that he will deal with the root causes of America's disastrous foreign policy once elected? It is a forlorn hope but given Israel's ownership of the Clintons, it may be the only one.

At 29/1/08 2:40 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Think its still going to be very tough to see who can win this presidency.

There are a number of swing states that neither Gore nor Kerry could take, against a candidate as weak as Bush.

McCain won't be tainted with a lot of the Bush malaise as he's hardly been a fan of his down the years...and if Gore and Kerry couldn't beat Bush how will Hillary (the likely eventual winner) appeal to them more?!


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