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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

'Burgers degree' slated

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'Burgers degree' slated
Britain's teachers unions have condemned Gordon Brown's plan to allow McDonald's, the hamburger chain, to take part in A-level-style qualifications as a "farce". The decision to allow McDonald's, the airline FlyBe and Network Rail to issue management training certificates up to the equivalent of A-level or degree level was seen by some critics as dumbing down qualifications.

Unbelievable – what the hell is there to ‘learn’ about flipping burgers and maximizing unhealthy ingredients to turn a profit? Brown is a farce and the British education system is a farce, this is a base attempt to make McDonald’s less of an employment pariah, simple as that, there is as much educational value in McDonald’s as there is nutrition in their food.


At 31/1/08 10:37 pm, Anonymous Tom Cruise said...

Mr Bradbury...what makes you think you can comment on the training methods of a company that generates like 1,000,000 times your annual income?

PS: Guessing by your stomach I guess you eat McDonald's like 3 times a week and haven't seen your penis for like 7 years.

At 5/2/08 10:58 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

snore: fat jokes is all you have huh Tom? You'd have something interesting to say if you weren't so busy blowing ronald


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