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Thursday, December 27, 2007


Readers of this blog will have noticed some changes to this website and the impending re-launch of the magazine website. Improvements to the side bar contents are continuing and will be complete by the New Year.

From the new-look blog expect a faster download, images loading correctly, better organised information and a cleaner presentation; content-wise expect new developments.

From the new-look tumeke.org site expect a magazine-style presentation of current affairs articles and reviews as well as useful blogosphere information. Unfortunately the archived data from the website (from February 2004) is still on the hard drives not yet returned by the police from the sedition trial so it may take a while to restore them.

If there is any aspect of this blog (apart from the actual editorial content!) that needs improving please mention it in the comments section of this post

ALSO: The taggers are about - and I'll have to respond thoughtfully so it may take a few days as I'm still busy with the websites.

AND: I will post my death list for next year on January the first.


At 28/12/07 6:31 pm, Anonymous Xian said...

Are you doing the new tumeke.org yourself? I need to pad out my portfolio and would be happy to do a high quality site for you free of charge. If you are not doing the new tumeke.org yourself....the person who is doing it for you is worse than amateur (based on what is currently on show at tumeke.org).

Shoot me an email at auberdahn[at]gmail[dot]com if your keen.


At 5/1/08 8:31 pm, Blogger Tim Selwyn said...

Xian: Thanks for the offer. I'm doing what I can - not necessarily what I would prefer. People don't seem to like the black background - though I do.

The re-launch date is set for 10/01/2008. The main elements should be up and working on that date.


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