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Friday, November 23, 2007

Rickards resigns as a pig in shit

Alt Tv/Fleet FM Breakfast News Comment
Rickards resigns as a pig in shit
Clint Rickards has received about $700,000 since being stood down as assistant police commissioner amid pack rape allegations. The man who was being groomed as the country's first Maori police commissioner resigned yesterday, just months out from a scheduled disciplinary hearing at which he had vowed to fight 11 internal police disciplinary charges.
Though his contract was not due to expire till December next year, police are refusing to say whether Mr Rickards - who has been acquitted of sexual offences at two separate trials - will receive a taxpayer-funded exit package. Louise Nicholas - who first made public rape allegations against Mr Rickards and former policemen Brad Shipton and Bob Schollum in January 2004 - said she was disappointed Mr Rickards would not appear at February's hearing to face up to the lifetime of hurt he had caused her and other women. "Another chapter's closed. But I know that he did some bad things and he's able to walk away from it. I think that's the hardest thing for me and the others."
What can one say any further on this case? There will be those who cry out that he’s had his trial(s) and he’s been found innocent (even though the Jury were not aware that his two co-accussed were serving time for identical sado-masochistic ritualistic gang rape and that later the Detective in charge of the case was prosecuted for perverting the course of justice by covering for his cop mates and throwing the case) – and then there are others who will be astounded someone with as much smoke billowing from them can still manage $700 000 while stood down, apparently because there is no fire. We have employment law that is there to protect us all, and sometimes those who deserve no sympathy from us can find haven there – yes the courts are an old boys network, yes the cops are the worst offenders in that old boys network, yes they cover their arses and yes as designers of the systems of power, they get the all access passes – but despite that, Rickards has been crucified in that most destructive of places, Public Opinion – the man will never hold down a job of any standing again and the sound of his name is synonymous with throwing up in your own mouth, he has been demeaned as badly as any of the women who came forward to claim accusations against him and their resolute stance in the face of his arrogance showed who the real heroes were. Goodbye Clint, if I’m certain of anything, I know that the majority of decent NZers are disgusted with you, you feel their eyes every time you are on the street - karma will get you Clint.


At 23/11/07 12:29 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Riddence to bad rubbish !

At 23/11/07 4:22 pm, Anonymous TJ said...

Probably cost about $5m as a payout to have him resign...(Average salary x 10 years left in force, plus adjustments for increases, plus dollar for dollar superannuation contributions plus comopounding interest...)

Why did he get the payout? Because Helen Clark and Ross Robertson knew full well of the 'baggage carried by the guy as it has already been used in evidence, and suppressed, in the ealier trials of Schollum and Shipton in about 1996...and yet Clark and Robertson in their drive to bring about the first Maori Commissioner, promoted him twice after 1999...and it makes it pretty difficult to bring serious misconduct charges against someone when the defence is able to use the fact that the promotins were done in full knoweldge of the allegations....

At 23/11/07 7:15 pm, Anonymous nznative said...

It was actually Clarke who stalled rickards career tj .

The rumors had been around him for a while before the shit really hit the fan.

.... and his payout was $700,000, which although at least $699,999 more than he deserved was probably worth it to clean that piece of shit of the shoes of the nz police force.

I think there are serious questions to ask about rickards admission to the police ( he was expelled from one college for assulting a teacher ) and his extremely rapid rise through the force.

I personally think rickards actions and his ugly mug being in the nz police are a direct result of trying to recruit a 'head kicking' police force in response to the gang problems in the 70's.

Rickards was obviously far better suited to become a criminal instead of a police officer.

He can count himself extremly lucky to still be enjoying his freedom.

At 23/11/07 11:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lets see now -

Innocent victims (will we ever know how many there are) get - pain, abuse, grief, isolation, poverty, tears, sneers, contempt, unemployment, a life ruined.

Rapist gets - years at big fat salary, nice new car, the admiration of his buddies and family, and enough dosh to retire on, he will be at the pub (or 5 star restaurant) surrounded by his many loyal friends and family tonight being greeted as a hero .......

NZ justice, nothing changes.

There will be some fagot cheers and celebrations in Wellington tonight, bet Charlie wishes he had been Rickards lawyer, he loves and admires his type almost as much as he hates women.

As for that lying, cheating, woman-hating, hypocrite, bitch Clark - I wish there was a hell for her and her favourite boyfriend to go to.

At 24/11/07 12:34 am, Anonymous LOIUSE NICHOLAS & RICKARDS : LIKE A HOTDOG DOWN A HALLWAY said...

Wow..what a load of shit!

Firstly, he was found not guilty of rape...twice.

Secondly, both the women who accused him of rape are not credible at best. Nicholas made various rape allegations in the past against other police officers and a pack of feral Maori on horseback. The other woman was a disgruntled solo-mother of 4 on the DPB with an axe to grind. She was found to have lied throughout the case and said things completely different in court than she had told police initially in her statements.

What does rape or Loiuse's closure have to do with him facing an employment disciplnary hearing about consensual sex on the hood of a police car, insulting the rape investigation teams, etc? She is just an attention seeking whore who has been supported by police with an agenda, various rape/womens groups and has ended up milking all you ballsacs who brought her book.

If I was Rickard's I would find out where she lived and spend some of my golden handshake money to buy a property next door and get a load of prostitutes to come over. Go at it orgy rape-baton style with the curtains open. Don't hate the player, hate the game!

At 24/11/07 4:13 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

'....... karma will get you Clint......' What the fuck does that mean, god people really are simple.

Rickards will prosper, his type always do.

People are so pathetic they make up simple, delusional bull-shit fantasies to make themselves feel better. If you are that pitiful bomber go get yourself a religion.

Poor little Rickard crying all the way to the bank. He doesn't ever need to work again but if he want's to there will be places queuing up to offer him $200k plus.

His victims will continue to face isolation, ruin and contempt.

If you need comfort bomber go toss yourself off

Justice is a myth promoted to fool gullible stupid pricks like you.

Of course if you find evidence of any justice please post it here. If bitch Helen cared about justice she would set up a full enquiry to find all police rape and abuse victims and arrange ex-gracia payouts to them all, instead of torturing women through the criminal and civil courts, where she knows they can never win – now tell me bomber what do you think the chances are of that in your fantasy world.

Not just police of course, as Helen, and her boyfriend, well know abuse is rampant throughout every one of her corrupt government departments. Unlike nobodies like you bomber Helen has the power to give justice but, like you, bomber she don’t really give a shit, she is all talk and self preservation.

Stick to your nice, safe, comfortable committees where you can all pat each other on the back and delude yourselves that you are oh so caring and oh so good - while preserving you own safe comfortable little world. As long as you have something to brag about bomber that’s all that matters. Your type never put your money or your lives where your big mouths and even bigger egos are.

World Vision - give me a fucking break.

At 25/11/07 2:17 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's gonna be poetic justice to all those on the left who vilified Rickards for rape despite having been found not guilty when the same things going to happen to their mates from tuhoe.

At 25/11/07 9:12 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not guilty doesn't mean innocent you fucking spoons


At 25/11/07 9:20 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon you lost that argument before, mana made you look fuck pathetic actually, But how can the Tuhoe lot be found not guilty when their is NO law saying there going to be facing charges under the terrorist act. Even Rickards cop buddies charged him with rape. yet the big events of the 15/10/07 was for Arms charges lol.

Marky Mark

At 25/11/07 12:42 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So if the tuhoe bunch get a non guilty verdict then by your logic they are not necessarily innocent. Strange how your concept of justice depends upon who is actually accused of the offense and not what they have done.

I like they you think.

I'm beginning to enjoy this trial by media.

PS Mana/Hated/Markymark can you stop using pseudonyms to make it look like you have support. They all have exactly the same spelling mistakes and similar formatting as your own posts. Its just fucking sad.

At 25/11/07 7:52 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon your a sick dreamer...Personally I fail to see anything funny when men talk crap about rape or abuse of women... we never expect this crap from anyone else in our community why should we expect it from a cop.

But Anon. I wanted Hated kicked out of here along with all anons... so you narrow minded fuckers can log in, so we know who the fuck to ignore.

But because I agree with Mana thoughts about the rubbish that happen on the 15/10/07 doesn't mean I am him. I think you find some sort of hope in accusing everyone there Mana, is it because you lack the ability to just debate the issue without being personal...

Yes I Think So

Mana made some interesting points and some dumb ones too, yet you were to caught up in yourself, you missed it... yes in my opinion you sucked on that debate as you do in this one.. but that the life of the ANON, that why I still think Tim and Bomber should ban anon comment (its ok I login as Marky Mark)

You can call me mana if you want I saw you called cf mana the other time... lol thats just childish man. grow the fuck up and debate issues

Marky Mark


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