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Friday, November 23, 2007

Police lay 40 charges against Taito Phillip Field

Police lay 40 charges against Taito Phillip Field
MP Taito Phillip Field has been charged with 15 counts of bribery and 25 counts of attempting to pervert justice. A High Court ruling in October cleared the way for police to prosecute him for bribery and corruption. Field has denied any wrongdoing, and his lawyer Simativa Perese says his client remains optimistic about his chances. "Now the matters are in court, it's inappropriate to go into the basis for that. But that is a matter of public record - that he's maintained his innocence and asserted his innocence," Mr Perese said. He is due to appear in the Manukau District Court at 10am on Monday to face the charges announced today. The charges centre on allegations Mr Field gave immigration assistance in return for free or low-cost labour on properties he owned in Samoa, South Auckland and Wellington.

OUCH! It takes time, but justice does catch up now and again, and it couldn't have caught up with a nicer chap - the sheer gall of Phillip Field, elected into a position of influence and power, who then turns that position into one of manipulating the trust of those who are weak, and his greedy exploitation of that trust is so jaw dropping you really can't wait to wipe the smirk off his face. 40 charges of bribery and attempting to pervert justice should do the trick.


At 24/11/07 7:03 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can only be white and get away with ripping people off, what the fuck were you thinking Fields.

But you get a B- for effort. Would of been a B+ but you ripped off brown folk to you dumb cunt


At 24/11/07 11:20 pm, Anonymous Ivorytrader said...

For once I actually find myself agreeing with you bomber


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