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Monday, November 26, 2007

Howard's lesson

SMH article:
The Nationals senator Barnaby Joyce also said Work Choices was critical to Labor's victory.
The Coalition's campaign to sell Work Choices, using $121 million of taxpayers' money, along with an $11 million TV blitz by business, also flopped, as union officials standing against Liberal MPs triumphed.

So there's hope for National next year if Labour pass the Election Finance Bill? Act spent millions each election and that was only just enough to get it over the 5% threshold, Howard lets $121m be spent on backing his policy and even with the kick-in from his corporate mates (more than all the money spent by all the parties on a NZ election campaign) he loses so badly he gets booted from his own seat. That's where $132m got him. How far will Aunty Helen's "sustainability" and "working for families" Labour party re-election campaign slogans official common-sense Government information services get her?


At 26/11/07 1:46 pm, Blogger PC said...

So despite NZ Labour's urgent claims to the contrary, it's not as easy to "buy an election" with private money as their gerrymandering Electoral Finance Bill campaign would suggest.

At 26/11/07 2:07 pm, Blogger Tim Selwyn said...

Silk purses and sows' ears. I think working for families is far, far, far more popular than Howard's work choices which would make the ad spend more effective for Labour. And also I don't have the figures for the union money spent to demonise work choices - but I can't imagine it would be anywhere near $132m.


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