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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bush hopeful for Mid-East peace

Alt Tv/Fleet FM Breakfast News Comment
Bush hopeful for Mid-East peace
The US President, George W Bush, has expressed optimism about the prospects for peace in the Middle East, ahead of this week's conference in Annapolis. Speaking before holding talks with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert in Washington, Mr Bush said he wanted to see "whether or not peace is possible"

Has the President been drinking and snorting cocaine again? If peace between Israel and Palestine is so important, where the hell has he been for the last 7 years of his presidency? The greenlight Bush has given to Israeli aggression under the bullshit auspices of ‘self defense’ gives Bush no mandate to do anything short of leaving office. If Bush wants to help, how about stop the 6 Billion dollars of ‘military aid’ which in reality is corporate welfarism for the military industrial complex who in turn give the Republicans (and Democrats) huge party donations at election time, to stop Israel having such a crippling military advantage that they are forced to settle justly over the lands they have stolen from the Palestinians rather than giving them such military might they can continue to build settlements on the West Bank on land that is NOT THEIRS and continue a brutal 40 year occupation that ironically mimics the same group punishment tactics seen in Europe in the 1940s.


At 27/11/07 12:43 pm, Anonymous Brewer said...

Annapolis is a farce and all the parties know it. Public opinion has turned against Israel since the attack on Lebanon so a PR exercise is called for.

Failure is guaranteed by the exclusion of Hamas, the democratically elected governing body of Palestine. Abbas has about as much authority to negotiate for Palestine as Keith Locke has to negotiate for NZ.

Whatever statements emerge from this cardboard cutout of a conference will be ignored by the Palestinians who are not party to the conference. Israel and the U.S. will accuse the Pals of bad faith and the press will carry that line. Soft-brains will be convinced that the Palestinians are impossible to negotiate with and once again the world will turn a blind eye to Israel's colonisation by force of arms.

The cynical collusion between the U.S. and Israel could not be more dramatically illustrated than by the setting up of a much hyped conference without the participation of two essential parties, Palestine and Iran.

The pre-requisite for progress in the region is for all parties to abide by all U.N. resolutions.

At 27/11/07 9:30 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The cynical collusion between the U.S. and Israel could not be more dramatically illustrated than by the setting up of a much hyped conference without the participation of two essential parties, Palestine and Iran."

What about the cynical collusion between fatah and the Israelis?
How do you think all those fatah members made their way from the gaza strip to the west bank. Who do you think supplies the riot equipment and military hardware to suppress hamas activists in the west bank?

Maybe you're leaving some essential facts out. Half truths do not add up to whole truths just because they are politically unpalatable.

At 28/11/07 8:26 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rights orgs: Uphold international law at Annapolis
The following letter was sent on 26 November 2007 to key negotiating parties including the President of the Palestinian National Authority, the Israeli Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, and EU and UN Officials: As Palestinian human rights and civil society organizations, we the undersigned, are deeply concerned by the lack of a clearly articulated legal framework for the upcoming diplomatic negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) to be held at Annapolis on 27 November.

The Palestinian protest against the Annapolis conference
As leaders commenced the Annapolis conference in Maryland USA, Palestinians took to the streets in the West Bank city of Ramallah and Gaza city in protest against the conference. In Ramallah scores of Palestinians responded to the call by the popular committees against the Wall and a number of Palestinian nongovernmental organizations to protest in the city center. The protesters called for the Palestinian delegation at the conference not to make any more compromises until Israel ends its occupation of Palestinian land.

"Abbas a traitor" chant thousands at Hamas rally
Tens of thousands of Palestinians joined an anti-Annapolis rally in Hamas-run Gaza on Tuesday, chanting "Death to Israel, death to America" and calling President Mahmoud Abbas a traitor for attending the peace talks. Speaking at the protest in Gaza City, leaders of the Islamist group which seized the enclave from Abbas's forces in June said the president had no right to make concessions to Israel at the U.S.-sponsored conference near Washington.

PA police break up Ramallah rally, 1000s of Gazans protest summit
Baton-wielding Palestinian police, enforcing a ban on all West Bank activities related to the Annapolis summit, scuffled with protestors in Ramallah Tuesday morning as they broke up a small demonstration against the international meeting.

Israeli sources: PA has yet to sign joint statement
The Palestinian Authority has yet to agree to a joint statement formulated by the Israeli and Palestinian negotiating teams in the U.S. late Monday night, sources in the Israeli delegation to the summit said Tuesday. The Israeli and Palestinian negotiating teams met late into the night Monday in a failed attempt to finalize the statement, to be presented at Tuesday's Middle East peace conference in Annapolis, Maryland.

Palestinians in Lebanon expect little from Mideast meet - Feature: Beirut - Palestinians living in refugee camps in Lebanon on Monday said they had few expectations regarding the US-backed Middle East peace talks set to get underway on Tuesday in Annapolis, Maryland. "This is a photo-op session for the leaders - nothing more than that," said 76-year-old Palestinian shoemaker Ahmed Saloum, a resident of the Chatilla refugee camp on the outskirts of Beirut.

Chasing a ghost
If Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas is to be believed, the Annapolis peace conference "will be a historic opportunity to open a new page in the history of the Middle East based on the establishment of our independent Palestinian state". But this seems more like wishful thinking. For aside from being more concerned with preparing the ground for the approaching attack on Iran than with resolving the Palestinian Israeli conflict, the conference is subject to a set of limitations that combine to lower its threshold and shrink its potential.

At 28/11/07 10:48 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pity they can't gt their shit together. Oh well another 50 years of the same old.

At 28/11/07 9:31 pm, Anonymous lock him back up! said...

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