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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Australian election results

The Australian Election Commissiontally board is up and running. And Howard's seat - one to watch.

------------UPDATE 1:30AM------------
Oh and Howard's full-on endorsement of Peter Costello as his ordained replacement as leader during his concession speech was outrageous - wasn't it. It seemed totally inappropriate - it's surely up to the caucus to decide - and he ain't gonna be in it - so shut-up. That Turnbill guy survived against the odds in a Sydney seat (unlike Howard) and he had a moment there when he looked like the new leader - which I guess is what Howard's trying to head off.

------------UPDATE 1AM------------
Labour wins. Was Bennelong a seat to watch or what! That last minute shift by the bookies was the tip off. He just conceded it.
HOWARD, John Winston Liberal - 48.86%
McKEW, Maxine Labor - 51.14%

She's about 500 ahead with all booths reporting. On the national scene:

Enrolment: 13,645,073 Votes Counted: 74.46%
Party Votes Percentage % Swing %
Liberal 3,517,670 36.03 -4.37
Australian Labor Party 4,308,250 44.13 +5.78
The Greens 747,680 7.66 +0.64
The Nationals 519,756 5.32 -0.42
Family First 193,987 1.99 -0.03
Democrats 67,252 0.69 -0.49
One Nation 23,374 0.24 -0.88
CDP Christian Party 82,537 0.85 +0.25
Citizens Electoral Council 20,792 0.21 -0.13
CLP - The Territory Party 30,012 0.31 -0.02
Socialist Alliance 7,966 0.08 -0.04
The Fishing Party 1,554 0.02 +0.00
DLP - Democratic Labor Party 4,313 0.04 +0.03
Climate Change Coalition 7,303 0.07 +0.07
Conservatives for Climate and Environment Incorporated 2,376 0.02 +0.02
Liberty and Democracy Party 12,360 0.13 +0.13
Non-Custodial Parents Party 636 0.01 +0.00
Socialist Equality Party 3,281 0.03 +0.03
What Women Want (Australia) 2,847 0.03 +0.03
Independent 206,973 2.12 -0.20
Non Affiliated 898 0.01 -0.02
.... 0 0.00 -0.38
FORMAL 9,761,817 96.08 +1.56
INFORMAL 398,020 3.92 -1.56
TOTAL 10,159,837 74.46

Enrolment: 13,645,073 Votes Counted: 72.89%
Coalition Votes Percentage % Swing %
Liberal/National Coalition 4,462,131 46.69 -5.51
Australian Labor Party 5,094,356 53.31 +5.51

The Greens get 7.66% but don't win a single House seat. That's First past the post. Thank the heavens this country was bold enough to change to a proportional system. The Greens in Aussie will pick up some Senate seats - though all the TV coverage is elsewhere. they are picking up Senate votes in NSW 8.29%, Vic 9.93%, Qld 7.45%, WA 9.33%, SA 6.38%, and the Green's Bob Brown is definitely back in in Tasmania with a 17.74%, ACT 21.91%, NT 9.38%. So the question to the Greens in NZ is this: why are you doing so badly compared with your counterpart in Australia?

Now Rudd is giving a very pre-rehearsed (I've heard many of the lines before) and masculine speech to convey authority and inclusiveness, but he's so slick it's slightly unnerving. He's committed firstly to paying back the unions by dealing to Howard's work choice labour laws. The cunt doesn't mention NZ at all when he's listing the ones he will work with. NZ is in the "other" category. And he's a former diplomat so it probably wasn't a slip either.... not that we actually care, but you know - it would have been nice - it would have been polite.


At 25/11/07 1:02 pm, Anonymous Locust said...

Sighs, just what Australia needs labor twits. Watch Australia go down in flames.

At 25/11/07 2:26 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

don't know how they could have voted such a socialist plonker in when the could have looked across the ditch and seen how much damage labour has done to NZ filling it with dole bludgers and civil servants just to get votes.

At 25/11/07 6:46 pm, Anonymous nznative said...

he he he .............. sounds like all the whingey rightwingers are having bad hair days ..........

annony mouse's ate some bad cheese.

Not much will change in austrailia.

Just a bit more concern for the climate.

Getting themselves out of the usa mess in iraq.

and more protections for workers.

.......... 3 things right wingers hate

At 25/11/07 7:20 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 25/11/07 8:17 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 26/11/07 12:11 am, Blogger Tim Selwyn said...

Well Costello must have been told he didn't have the numbers because now he's announced he won't stand and Turnbill has immediately stated he wants the leadership. Those efficient Tories.

At 26/11/07 4:58 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

At face value I am more shocked the "What Women Want" party recorded more votes than "The Fishing and Lifestyle" party. Guys you really need to take notice of the larger issue here. If this was a gender based election race you would all have to succumb to far greater problems than the likes of Rudd and Howard.

But maybe im just the type who would waste my vote for the basic reason that no one else was worth voting for.


At 28/11/07 4:32 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So the question to the Greens in NZ is this: why are you doing so badly compared with your counterpart in Australia?"


- a vote for the Greens in Oz can be a protest vote, made purely on principle, because you don't like the main parties on offer and/or you like what the Greens stand for even though you can't stand the individual candidates (ie. you're safe in the knowledge that you'll never actually be responsible for electing anyone)

- the main parties in Oz can safely ignore and/or humour the Greens and save the highly effective smear campaigns and mudslinging for the real opposition

- the Greens in Oz can hold the moral highground without ever having to actually be put on the spot in parliament

- NZ is already green, didn't you know it? Oz need more greenness, we don't! Oh, and they grew up with Midnight Oil.

At 29/11/07 12:27 am, Blogger Tim Selwyn said...

anon: yes I would agree. FPP/MMP is a big factor. As well as the Greens in NZ being in govt. and not outside.


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