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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tagged, Bagged, Gagged


A Sunday newspaper yesterday claimed United States President George W. Bush, Prime Minister Helen Clark and Opposition leader John Key were the targets of threats.

According to yesterday's report, the three leaders were discussed as potential targets by those under surveillance during the Special Investigations Group operation.

Sunday News:-
Prominent Maori, including government department bosses, were among the targets of a simultaneous, multi-pronged terror attack that would have rocked the country.

But criminal procedure expert Scott Optican says it does not necessarily mean terrorism charges will ever be filed. "The offences you allege generate the scope of the evidence that you are allowed to collect relevant to those offences, but it really was just an ordinary search warrant that's issued every day in New Zealand," he says. [...] Optican has also warned against focussing on the word terrorism - which has some scary and negative implications - and to remember that New Zealand is, at this time, simply dealing with an allegation of criminal offending.

It is not fair for police to be speaking about the Terrorism Suppression Act when no charges have been laid under it. [...] Wilson says peace groups and environmental activists groups should not be smeared with the word terror before the Attorney General has been approached to see if terrorist charges should be laid.


Seven Auckland "Terror" Accused Remain In Custody.

NZ Herald:-
Seventeen people were arrested yesterday in Whakatane, Ruatoki, Hamilton, Rotorua, Wellington and Auckland in an operation involving 300 police officers and the closing of airspace in the Bay of Plenty. [...] The High Court judge has remanded him in custody to reappear in court on Friday, along with the five other Auckland accused.

Scoop re: Tame Iti :-
Judge Davidson also said he expected in normal course of events for another bail application to be heard within a month for the accused.

Terror net spreads wide: Oct 18, 2007 6:37 PM. As the police continue to search homes across the country it seems more and more people are getting caught up in the raids.

Tuesday October 23, 08:47 AM. Police have arrested 17 people since the nationwide raids that commenced last Monday.


Scoop re: Tame Iti :-
This is the only fact concerning his decision that is allowed to be reported. [...] Scoop is unable to report on the content of submissions. [...] the judge ordered the court cleared for submissions by counsel.

Scoop re: the Wellington four:-
Family members of the Wellington accused were banished along with everyone else. [...] “Operation 8” has been so surreal that it was no longer possible to apply normal analysis. [...] family members and supporters, but they were again denied admission. [...] the Judge announced to media alone that he would permit publication of the decision only (no reasons or submissions or indeed anything at all except the fact of a bail hearing and of it failing).

Scoop re: the Auckland seven:-
Each of seven defendants had their cases called separately (one had been transferred to Auckland from Hamilton) - argued that references of 'terrorism' had been thrown around all week yet the police were yet to charge anyone for offences under the Terrorism Suppression Act. [...] Submissions and argument concerning his bail application were suppressed. Further they argued that having their names in the media could damage their reputations in such terms, but without that charge having been laid against them.

And it seems the actions police say they have taken in the name of safety have left some wondering if it is safe to be outspoken in New Zealand.


At 23/10/07 3:46 pm, Anonymous nznative said...

...... Its no secret I dislike our govt goon squad otherwise known as the Nz police.

Experience through my life has taught me they lie, they abuse and they cover each others backs.

They are not worthy of respect and in many instances pose threats to honest and young nz'ers.

............ But another big dislike of mine is those wide boy lawyers ............... that we call judges.

These puffed up lawyers often act like little demi-gods in THEIR courtrooms and the way everyone GROVELS to them obviously affects their already fat heads.

........... so no surpises seeing the judges/lawyers join in as this country gets into the goose step.

I wasn't going to vote these elections.

.......... but despite their other failings, the maori partys getting my vote this time around.

At 23/10/07 5:18 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Experience through my life has taught me they lie, they abuse and they cover each others backs."

I thought you said you hadn't been terrorized by police?

Are you going back on what you said. I know it cool if you want to act like the big man or whatever but if you have had real issues then you can assage our doubts about you by recounting your horrific experiences to us.

At 23/10/07 6:12 pm, Anonymous nznative said...

learn to read like an adult anony mouse .............

where in the above did I say I was terrorized by them ?????????

I may have experienced them conducting illegle searches.

And wittnessed countless others.

And know women who were beaten by there policemen partners.

And seen them brake countless laws.

And steal.

And perjure (lie )in court.

.......plus release total crock of shit press releases on a regulat basis.

........... but aside from all that I've never been 'terrorized ' by them .............. nor do I have a criminal record or any criminal charges laid against me.

I just recognize filth and abuse of power for what it is.

...... and theres a fair bit of that going on in the nz police force and in our "justice" system.

....... back to any points you may have my little anony mouse???


p.s speaking of cool .............. is tama iti the first of our new kind of kiwi celebrity ........ the guerillatzi :)

At 23/10/07 6:15 pm, Anonymous nznative said...

........guerillatzzi perhaps.

yes, two ZZ's looks better.

At 23/10/07 6:52 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I may have experienced them conducting illegle searches.

And wittnessed countless others."

So how did you know that they were illegal and were you scared at the time?

"is tama iti the first of our new kind of kiwi celebrity ........ the guerillatzi :)"

yeah but if the saying that on TV the camaras add 10 kgs to your weight then fame isn't going be visually knid to him.

At 23/10/07 7:40 pm, Anonymous nznative said...

.......never mind the small talk .

guerillatzzi's .............. I think andy hayden should get a few of them on his books.

We could have some quirky reality tv.

I like the idea of a 'dancing with guerillatzzi's' show.

........ maybe even a 'guerillatzzi's 10/7' for a bit more action .............

At 23/10/07 8:31 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey native it's alright to admit that you were scared and frightened

I guess your experience was similar to that of those kids in Tuhoe. I can't imagined what it would be like to have a gun pointed at my head, to be searched and then forced to lie handcuffed on the ground. I think I'm man enough to admit I'd be scared. You should be too.

At 23/10/07 8:48 pm, Blogger Mana said...

Anon I just want to ask; "is this what a man does? use defenceless kids to prove a point of your manhood" is that a special type of manhood Anon?

please help me understand it

At 23/10/07 10:53 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 24/10/07 9:39 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"please help me understand it"

Alas another victim of NECA.

The products of lower deciles schools are a stain on NZ.

At 24/10/07 11:28 am, Anonymous nznative said...

............I've never had a gun held to my head by a cop.

............ but seeing the way they get with their guns ( hyped up, shaking, poorly trained and hopeless shots ) then I WOULD be scared to have an unstable "ninja" cop pointing one at me.

At 24/10/07 1:10 pm, Blogger Mana said...

i think the inventor of scramble insulted me?

At 24/10/07 6:28 pm, Anonymous nznative said...

....... I think the anony mouse might have squeeked an insult at me

........... something about I should be scared too ??????????

squeek squeek

At 25/10/07 1:47 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

what the hell is "scramble"?

At 25/10/07 7:15 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck you're a moron native. No one was insulting you. did you wrtie the quoted comment- no. Well not unless you actually are a product of a lower decile school

At 26/10/07 5:00 pm, Anonymous nznative said...

......... well anony mouse with the decile school obsession.

I find it rather insulting that someone should PRESUME I've had a police gun pointed at my head.

.......... I could also find it insulting to be called a moron.

but not from some angry little anony mouse ......... yawn

At 28/10/07 5:11 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I find it rather insulting that someone should PRESUME I've had a police gun pointed at my head."

I'd call it justice


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